destiny 2

Official Site: Destiny 2
Studio: Bungie
Launch Date: September 6, 2017
Genre: MMO sci-fi shooter
Business Model: B2P
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Bungie finally admits it’s delaying Destiny 2’s The Final Shape to June 4

Confirming what leaks and rumors and layoffs a month ago had already implied, Bungie announced this afternoon that it's delaying Destiny 2's The Final...
Thanks, I hate it.

Destiny 2 shares Season 23 class and mod updates, preps raid group finder test for November 30

Season of the Wish is now only days away from releasing to Destiny 2 players, which means that Bungie has a lot of updates...

Today in transmedia synergy: Bungie and CDPR announce Destiny 2 x The Witcher collab

Who had Destiny 2 x The Witcher collab on ya 2023 bingo card? Yep, this is for some reason happening. Don't think too hard...

Destiny 2 peak player concurrency hits a new all-time low on Steam

Bungie has already acknowledged the deep player disappointment in Destiny 2, but now we're all able to see at least a part of that...

Destiny 2 details Season of the Wish’s weapon, reward adjustments, and next dungeon launch date

Destiny 2's community team is continuing to try to make its players focus on November 28th's Season of the Wish arrival and less on...

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish gets a new trailer as The Final Shape release date still hangs in limbo

The next season for Destiny 2 is waiting in the wings with a launch date of November 28th, but now that release timing is...

Destiny 2 resolves to ‘get back up’ as it confirms Season of the Wish for November 28

A common refrain heard in the story missions of Destiny 2 is "Eyes up, Guardian" - a call to stand once again after being...

Destiny 2’s Bungie addresses layoffs and prior releases as devs express ‘anger, sadness and fear’

This news update is essentially a tale of two sides of the same Destiny 2 coin: On the one side, there's the public-facing statement...

Bungie bosses admit Destiny 2 revenues missed expectations this year by 45%

On Monday, we learned that Sony-owned Bungie was struggling with layoffs and delays both for Destiny 2's The Final Shape and for its extraction...

Bungie studio hit by layoffs, delays of Destiny 2’s Final Shape and Marathon

Sony-owned Bungie has become the latest gaming company to suffer apparently significant layoffs this year - enough to cause major delays to multiple titles. As...

Destiny 2 details vault access changes and further cost adjustments coming in Season 23

As the current season of Destiny 2 nears its end and the new one looms, Bungie is continuing to outline several updates to the...

Destiny 2 announces Halloween contests, outlines plans to make Sparrows faster in Season 23

The weekly Destiny 2 newsletter is less about major updates and more about its Festival of the Lost event, as it continues to mark...

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost returns for the Halloween season, is met with general player dissatisfaction

The masks are on, the weapons are loaded, and the Halloween season is now online for Destiny 2: It's time for the annual Festival...

The Stream Team: Directly reliving Destiny 2’s past with a visit to Shadowkeep

Last time MOP's Chris streamed Destiny 2, he had gone through the timeline reflections missions to see if they contextualized the events of the...

Destiny 2 teases next week’s Festival of the Lost Halloween event

Regular players of Destiny 2 are likely familiar with the Festival of the Lost, the looter shooter's annual Halloween celebration. so word of its...

Destiny 2 outlines upcoming changes to exotic focusing costs, weapons, and armor

This week's Destiny 2 newsletter is mostly for the PvPers again, as the vast majority of its digital ink is spent on mid-season updates...

Destiny 2 adds new weapons, details Checkmate mode updates, and confirms Season 23 gunsmith tweaks

The end of the week always means a newsletter from Destiny 2, and this edition of the post features another round of updates for...

The Stream Team: Reliving Destiny 2’s past through timeline reflections

MOP's Chris has been playing Destiny 2 for a while, but he also does have some gaps in the story. He also recalls at...

Destiny 2 shows off the new supers coming in The Final Shape and keeps fighting crafted weapon glitches

Every expansion of Destiny 2 brings new supers to the game's three classes, but since there won't be any new element in The Final...

Destiny 2 wrestles with overpowered crafted weapons and DDoS attacks

The Guardians of Destiny 2 are generally written as powerful space wizards who wield magical abilities and unique firearms to take down galactic threats,...