Portions of Destiny 2’s Final Shape expansion accidentally become playable to PS5 fans ahead of schedule


We’re reasonably sure that releasing the next expansion for Destiny 2 is a bit more involved than pushing a “go” button, but it looks as if someone at Sony may have accidentally flipped that rhetorical switch, as the shooter’s Final Shape expansion was temporarily playable on PlayStation 5. For several hours.

According to D2 subreddit moderator Hawkmoona_Matata, PS5 owners were capable of accessing some of the expansion’s content via the console’s game streaming services due to it being pre-loaded onto Sony’s servers, which in turn resulted in players getting access to — and leaking — information on new loot, details of certain raid mechanic names, a look at the game’s next season pass, and at least a portion of the expansion’s opening mission; the post is careful to point out that the entire expansion hasn’t been leaked.

Thus far, neither Sony nor Bungie has offered a statement about the mishap, but we can perhaps at least assume an “oops” will be uttered as a result of this SNAFU.

source: Reddit via Kotaku
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