Monster Hunter Wilds shares an in-engine trailer, promises more details summer 2024 and launch in 2025

While this year's Game Awards didn't offer too many big reveals for MMO players, there were certainly a few multiplayer announcements among the lot,...

Under a Rock is a multiplayer survivalbox full of oversized creatures, Neanderthals, and dangerous magic

"Ever wonder how you and your closest friends would fare stranded on an island where Neanderthals still exist, and magic can be just as...
Strike a pose and all that.

Wayfinder brings PlayStation 5 version up to par – with the return of crossplay

In the midst of a hunt for a publisher and preparations for this month's early access update, Wayfinder found the time to bring its...

Grand Theft Auto VI announced for 2025 – but PC and multiplayer mentions are missing

Following last night's unfortunate leak of Grand Theft Auto VI's promised video debut, Rockstar came out this week to officially confirm that it is...

ARK Survival Ascended arrives to Xbox consoles, delays its PlayStation launch to early December

It's a bit of good news and bad news for console fans of ARK: Survival Ascended, which is wholly dependent on which console those...

Cozy sandbox My Time at Sandrock has launched – with online co-op multiplayer

If you're a fan of cozy survival sandboxes of the Stardew Valley variety but prefer the graphics of Palia, you're in luck, as this...

Wayfinder’s ‘biggest update yet,’ The Reaver King, launches today with load time fixes

As promised and foretold in the long long ago of five days back, Wayfinder's mid-season update is set to launch today. The early access...

Co-op MMO-styled boss battler TrinityS makes its debut on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

Last year saw a unique piece of multiplayer gaming enter early access in the form of TrinityS, a three-player co-op title that saw players...

Lord of the Rings survival crafter Return to Moria delays PS5 launch

The day of a great return to one of Middle-earth's most iconic locations is almost here -- but not for everyone. The Lord of...

Wildcard sunsets ARK Survival Evolved official servers, confirms no Steam cross-play at ARK Ascended’s launch

"We aren't meant to live forever," reasons the title of a video for ARK: Survival Evolved, which is part of a wider send-off for...

Sony Interactive’s Jim Ryan steps down next March after three decades of PlayStation

Last night, Sony Interactive Entertainment's Jim Ryan announced he's stepping down from the CEO role after 28 years with the company - the last...

Projekt Z Beyond Order is a co-op FPS where players get to kill Nazi zombies

There's something about FPS games and an alt-history WWII where the Nazis muck around with the undead that just seems to go hand-in-hand. We...

Co-op multiplayer heist-’em-up FPS Payday 3 releases today

The digital streets of New York City are facing a special kind of crime wave as the heisting supercriminals of the Payday Gang are...

Nexon’s medieval team brawler Warhaven smashes into early access, eyes console release

Love the idea of team-based PvP but don't want to be doing it with lasers and grenades? Warhaven may be a solid recommendation, especially...

Throne & Liberty’s closed technical test kicks off for invited western players through October 3

Just what is the deal with Throne & Liberty? We might be pondering that whole question, but western players who have had their names...

A multiplayer Bluey videogame is coming to PC and console in November, and your kids want it

A few weeks back, I mentioned in MOP's work chat that my kids have been obsessed with some random Aussie kids cartoon about dogs....

The First Descendant’s crossplay open beta is now available for pre-loading

Were you intrigued by the first 17 minutes of gameplay footage from Nexon's looter shooter The First Descendant enough that you're looking to hop...

Baldur’s Gate 3 will offer crossplay for PCs and consoles in the future

Here's the bad news for Baldur's Gate 3 fans: If your friends are playing on PlayStation 5 and you're on PC, you can't play...

Tencent’s co-op looter shooter Synced makes its free-to-play release on PC, plans a console launch this winter

Does anyone here remember Synced? It's a sci-fi co-op looter shooter from Tencent's Level Infinite and NExT Studios that drops players into a post-apocalyptic...

Roblox confirms Quest VR release later this month, PlayStation launch in October

Roblox's bespoke RDC event has once again offered up a list of major headlines for the multiplayer player-generated content platform, but one of the...