Enlisted gets a new map, new weapons, and better graphics in its Rzhev update


When a military location is historically known as a “meat grinder,” you can probably expect things to get pretty intense, which means that players of the free-to-play WWII FPS Enlisted will probably want to steel themselves when they hop into the Rzhev update that released last week.

Naturally the update introduces a new Rzhev map to fight on that attempts to recreate the carnage of the Rzhev-Vyazma ledge, with several landmarks from the battlefield that have been recreated from photographs and archival data. On the subject of maps, the update has also added new missions to the Invasion of Normandy and Pacific War campaigns in the form of an invasion mission called Ver-sur-Mer North and an assault mission at Alligator Creek.

This patch also introduces some new weapons to the game such as the T20 rifle, the Walther A115 semi-automatic rifle, and the SVD 30 sniper rifle. New vehicles arrive too, like the KV-2 and M4A3E2 tanks, along with the ability for radio operators to call in ammo drops or a rocket strike; the latter feature is available only to premium radio operator squads (aka those bought from the cash shop), but opportunities for players to earn these squads in future events are promised later.

Finally, the update has introduced enhanced graphics for the PC and PS5 version thanks to new global illumination tech introduced to those versions of the shooter. There are a whole lot of other fixes and changes made across the board, so fans will probably want to read up the patch notes for more.

sources: press release, official site
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