Enlisted Reinforced quickly suspends Steam early access over pricing and technical issues

At the tail end of January, we reported on the WWII FPS Enlisted's plans to launch into Steam early access, complete with a new...

WWII FPS Enlisted arrives to Steam with an updated name and features in Q1 2024

You could be forgiven for thinking that the large-scale WWII multiplayer FPS Enlisted was already on Steam, but that turns out to not be...

Not So Massively: Apex Legends, Crossout, Rogue Company, Runeterra, and Enlisted

Welcome back to another Not So Massively roundup, a division of The MOP Up and subsidiary of Not So Massively, in which we occasionally...

April Fools’ Day around the MMO world, 2022 edition

Whether you love it or dread it, April Fools' Day is happening everywhere, specifically to annoy copyeditors who have to fix that dang apostrophe...

Enlisted adds new maps and weapons in latest update, moves Battle of Berlin closed beta to its next phase

The multiplayer WWII shooter Enlisted has seen a couple of updates for both the overall game and the title's current closed beta campaign that...

Grab a stack of currency and premium account time for Gaijin’s WW2 shooter Enlisted

Darkflow Software's multiplayer shooter Enlisted burst onto the scene this past spring as one of Gaijin's inCubator games, built on Gaijin's own engine and...
All right, then.

Betawatch: Enlisted opens its closed beta in the Battle of Berlin

Ready to take part in the closed beta for Enlisted's Battle of Berlin? It's out there and active right now, if that's what you're eager...

Squad-based WWII shooter Enlisted makes its open beta debut on all platforms

Looking for a new multiplayer squad shooter set in WWII? Wait, really? Well then publisher Gaijin Entertainment and developer Darkflow Studio has your number...

Squad-based WWII MMO shooter Enlisted held a weekend test set in the Battle of Berlin

A multiplayer shooter set in WWII admittedly tends to blend in with the mental furniture, but we want to cast a quick eye to...

The Stream Team: Cooking up chaos in Cuisine Royale

The things Massively OP's MJ will try... she blames it on Bree! All the boss had to do was point out an amusing skin...

Cuisine Royale is the goofy reskin the battle royale genre deserves

Be careful what you wish for! Apparently, Gaijin (you know it from WarThunder) ran an April Fools' day joke mode for online shooter Enlisted...

Gaijin begins crowdfunding multiplayer war shooter Enlisted

War Thunder studio Gaijin announced today that it's publishing Darkflow Software's "fan-driven" MMO squad-based multiplayer PC shooter called Enlisted. "Gaijin Entertainment Promises to Reinvest Game...