Not So Massively: Apex Legends, Crossout, Rogue Company, Runeterra, and Enlisted


Welcome back to another Not So Massively roundup, a division of The MOP Up and subsidiary of Not So Massively, in which we occasionally stuff all the not-MMO multiplayer news sitting around getting dusty in our newsroom because we are MMO players to the core.

  • Apex Legends announced that its Arsenal patch will launch May 9th, accompanied by a brand-new hero dubbed Ballistic.
  • Hi-Rez’s Rogue Company rolled out its Three Wishes update and new ranked season. Should you trust this genie? No.
  • Riot Games took the wraps off Runeterra’s first “Runeterra Open” competitive event. Patch 4.4.0 is also live; the studio’s calling it the game’s first “Standard focused Balance Patch.”
  • Crossout has begun its “Spring Mayhem” event through May 14th. Because when you think of spring, you think of tanks and choppers! Wait.
  • And finally, Enlisted launched Airborn Forces, a content patch that literally drops you out of the sky as a paratrooper.

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