World of Warcraft shares patch notes for Embers of Neltharion and the May Trading Post rewards

It's not for sale. Sort of.

Patch notes! Get your patch notes here! Piping hot patch notes for World of Warcraft! You want some Embers of Neltharion notes! Right here, direct from the development team to your screen! Check it out, here we are, all the patch notes you could want available for your perusal! Want to know about Zaralek Cavern? New tier sets? The new raid? It’s all right here, get it here! That’s the whole point! There’s even a full video chatting about the patch just below, get it while it’s warm!

We’ve got more, folks, we’ve got trading post rewards! There are cloaks! There are new cosmetic weapons! It’s all here, people, everything you could ask for! Especially if what you could ask for is a turtle mount, because that’s your reward for earning all the possible currency for the month of May! Get that while it’s hot, too! Who wants some patch notes or trading post rewards?!

Peanuts? No. We don’t have peanuts.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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