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Indie Afrofantasy MMO Wagadu Chronicles has opened its early access doors today

"Today is a big day. The Wagadu Chronicles is finally accessible to the world." So begins Twin Drums' announcement that its Afrofantasy MMORPG has...

The MOP Up: Dragon and Home goes to the Blazing Desert

Dragon and Home warmed up a chilly winter with the debut of its third continent, the Blazing Desert. "This vast world presents the splendor of...

Fight or Kite: SMITE has the right vibes but the wrong gameplay for this PvP fan

SMITE is one of the largest MOBAs on the planet and has been for years now. In fact, it's currently celebrating its 10th anniversary!...

League of Legends fighting game Project L will be playable during Worlds 2023 in South Korea

How hungry are you to try out Project L, the fighting game that draws from the roster of Riot Games' MOBA League of Legends?...

The MOP Up: DCUO talks about its creative process

DC Universe Online Narrative Designer Lynnea Glasser recently sat down for an interview about the creative process behind the MMORPG and its new Justice...

Greg Street announces his new MMORPG, dubbed Ghost and funded by NetEase

Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street has been talking big on Twitter about his new game studio and new MMORPG following his exit from Riot Games and...

Massively Overthinking: Are there any MMOs for which a spin-off mode would be welcome?

Pantheon's announcement that its developers are working on spinning out a monetized "247" extraction mode hasn't engendered a whole lot of hope for the...

Apex Legends introduces Conduit, Valorant introduces Iso

The hero shooter sub-genre generally gets more interesting when new heroes arrive to the game, which would certainly explain why both Valorant and Apex...
Prepare for bear.

Massively Overthinking: What’s next for Blizzard under Microsoft?

So the Microsoft acquisition of Activision-Blizzard is basically a done deal. Oh, sure, the FTC is still fumbling around with hapless appeals, but look,...

The MOP Up: Aion Classic finally gets its delicious revenge

Aion Classic unleashed Update 2.4: Stormwing's Revenge on its servers this past week: "Get ready to battle Stormwing and defeat Yamennes to loot heroic...

The MOP Up: It’s the great Albion, Charlie Brown!

Albion Online is getting into the spirit of Halloween with its Harvest Challenge: "Fall has come to the world of Albion... the shadows are...

The Soapbox: The real cost of breaking trust with gamers

There's a quote going around these days in gaming spheres about trust being like a broken vase that can be fixed but will never...
Less than inspirational!

The MOP Up: EVE Online’s Fanfest has officially sold out

Well, that's it: EVE Online's Fanfest is officially sold out this year, so if you were hoping to snag a ticket at this late...

Riot Games exec says MMO is still in early phases, but the studio is ‘committed to the genre’

A conversation between a Chinese streamer and a Riot Games executive indicated that we're still in for quite the wait to see Riot's unnamed...
Trying to find a hammer.

Wisdom of Nym: The unspoken but expected features of Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

There are a number of features that we know are coming with Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail. Sure, we can all have some fun speculating...

The MOP Up: AdventureQuest 3D players spend five billion gold… in a weekend

A recent gold boost event led to a record-breaking level of transactions in AdventureQuest 3D as players splurged on augments. "This was a new record...

Vague Patch Notes: Contemplating the origin of the Big Five in the MMO space

A few weeks back, I talked about the various tiers of MMORPGs, and that included a discussion of what we call the Big Five...

So just how many years away is the Riot MMO now?

There's excitement for a game, and then there's creating an entire blog site and Discord community around the vague cloud of a game still...

Evercore Heroes struggles to get enough matches going in its paid closed beta

So here's a situation that everyone could see coming. You have a competitive MOBA-like title that you want to put through closed beta testing,...

Riot Games shares vague gameplay and design details for its in-progress Riot MMO

Riot Games has been pretty cagey about the details of its still-gestating Runeterra MMO for a while now, and that trend appears to continue...