Riot has ‘decided to reset the direction’ of the Riot MMORPG as team goes ‘dark’ under new boss


It’s hard to take the Riot MMO too seriously when we’re still stuck using Runeterra pics and calling it the Riot MMO for want of a real name, but if you were really anticipating it, you’ll probably want to reset your expectations, and not just because Greg Street left last year and the Riot MMO was barely acknowledged in Riot’s recent downsizing announcement. No, it’s because Riot’s Marc Merril admitted on Twitter today that the game’s direction itself has been “reset.”

“After a lot of reflection and discussion, we’ve decided to reset the direction of the project some time ago,” he writes. “This decision wasn’t easy, but it was necessary. The initial vision just wasn’t different enough from what you can play today. We don’t believe you all want an MMO that you’ve played before with a Runeterra coat of paint; to truly do justice to the potential of Runeterra and to meet the incredibly high expectations of players around the world, we need to do something that truly feels like a significant evolution of the genre.”

The title is still in development, however; Merrill further announces that Fabrice Condominas has taken over as executive producer of the game.

“Resetting our development path also means we will be ‘going dark’ for a long time—likely several years. This silence will help provide space for the team to focus on the incredible amount of work ahead of them. We understand the excitement and anticipation that surrounds new information, but we ask for your trust during this silent phase.”

It’ll be hard to imagine a dark that’s darker than the dark we already had, but we’ll do our best.

Source: Twitter. Cheers, Phillip!
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