Star Wars Galaxies Legends is adding the YT-1300 house with Deep Space Comms space PvP update


If Star Wars Galaxies space and PvP are your jam, you’ll want to feast your eyeballs on what the SWG Legends rogue server is cooking up.

“We are very proud to introduce to you the upcoming Deep Space Comms; a new PVP system for pilots in SWG Legends!” the player devs wrote on Discord. “Capture and control beacons to earn Space PVP tokens to use on brand new vendors full of exciting new rewards! That includes THREE new starships, gear, paintings and an amazing new deed that you might spy in this new trailer (courtesy of community member Feelar)! All this and much, much more for both sides of the Galactic Civil War! Keep your eyes on your respective HUDs and watch for this to reach Omega soon!”

The aforementioned video shows beacon control, capture, and upgrade tools, all rewarding a new space PvP token spendable on the new space PvP vendors – a quick skim shows a bunch of ship schematics, deco, and even the old SOE YT-1300 house (i.e., the Millennium Falcon, but as a ground house, missing from the game since the sunset). The three new flyable ships include the V-19 Torrent, VCX-Auxiliary Shuttle, and the TIE Brute. These appear to be the same ships and rewards teased back in the April newsletter, which also foreshadowed the launch of Jedi Themepark part 2.

We don’t have a date for Deep Space Comms, but as it happens, the game turns 21 years old next month – and its Jump to Lightspeed expansion, the expansion that added space to the game, launched October 2004. Wouldn’t it be a nice touch for this new space content to land this fall in time for JTL’s 20th birthday?

Source: Discord
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