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SWG Legends’ new ranching, farming, taming, spicing, and smuggling patch is now live

When Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends announced a major patch to add farming, ranching, and spicing into the game two weeks ago,...
They're not attractive spaceships.

SWG Legends is spooling up double reward events for May the Fourth and Revenge of the Sixth

Two of the big celebratory dates for Star Wars fans - May 4th, aka May the Fourth, and May 6th, aka Revenge of the...

SWG Legends just announced farming, ranching, new houses, and the return of smuggler spice crafting

Maybe dropping a huge teaser for major new content is not the best thing to drop on Easter Sunday, but that's exactly what fan-run...

April Fools’ Day around the MMO world, 2022 edition

Whether you love it or dread it, April Fools' Day is happening everywhere, specifically to annoy copyeditors who have to fix that dang apostrophe...

SWG Legends’ latest update buffed Bespin travel and improved house placement

It takes a lot to get me excited about a quality-of-life patch, but Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends has pulled it off...

The Daily Grind: What are the best MMOs for weird schedules?

I have a lot of reasons for playing SWG Legends: its crafting is unbeatable and its housing is still good, and also it's the...

SWG Legends tours its new Bespin apartments, SWG Empire in Flames adds new playable races

It's time to check the news out of the emulator servers for Star Wars Galaxies! We start first with the biggie, Legends, which granted...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO that you’re not playing?

The reality of the MMORPG genre is that even when the genre was small, there weren't enough hours in the day to play everything....

Star Wars Galaxies Legends added apartments to Bespin to celebrate its sixth year as a rogue server

Last spring, Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends dazzled Star Wars fans with the introduction of the planet Bespin and Cloud City, but...
skulls are scary

The MOP Up: Apex Legends Mobile is almost here

The first phase of Apex Legends Mobile's release is almost here, with the Android and iOS title becoming available for Australia, New Zealand, Singapore,...

Star Wars Galaxies Legends celebrates Valentine’s Day with the returning Ewok Festival of Love

"Allayloo ta nuv!" That's not me facerolling on my keyboard, that's Ewokese for "celebrate the love," and that's just what Star Wars Galaxies Legends...

The Daily Grind: What will be your top three most-played MMOs in 2022?

A week ago, I asked you folks what your top three most-played MMOs of 2021 were. This week, I want to take a page...

The Daily Grind: What were your three most-played MMOs in 2021?

Usually at the end of the year, Justin will ask me on the MOP Podcast what my top-played MMOs of the year turned out...

Massively Overthinking: Our 2022 MMO resolutions

Even if you're the kind of person who is deeply opposed to the idea of resolutions - or your typical resolution fizzles out by...

SWG Legends rogue server added 15K new players in 2021, plans Bespin apartments for early 2022

So here's something I've never seen an MMO dev do before: The player-led Star Wars Galaxies rogue server known as SWG Legends just released...

Star Wars Galaxies Legends is holding its annual memorial for Carrie Fisher today

While Life Day celebrations in the Star Wars Galaxies Legends rogue server are continuing to roll forward, today is also another anniversary: the passing...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best player community as of 2021?

I'm a partisan on this one: I have never been in an MMORPG with a better community than Lord of the Rings Online's. A couple...

The Stream Team: Star Wars Galaxies’ 10th sunset anniversary

It's been 10 long years since Star Wars Galaxies left us, and Massively OP's MJ still misses it deeply. Luckily, it lives on in...

The Daily Grind: What was the best new zone added to an MMO in 2021?

As a SWG Legends player, I was thrilled to see the launch of Bespin to a Star Wars Galaxies rogue server this year. Not...

Star Wars Galaxies shut down almost a decade ago, and one rogue server is commemorating the occasion

If you've ever been there for the last hours and minutes of an MMORPG that's sunsetting, you probably don't want to think about it...