Star Wars Galaxies Legends begins Empire Day, grants player Medics species- & gender-change tools


Don’t look now, but we’re only a couple of weeks away from the 4th of July, which means a whole slew of MMOs figuring out ways to run events adjacent to Independence Day in the US. That includes Star Wars Galaxies Legends: The SWG rogue server is running its own spin on Empire Day, a faction-centric event that allows Imperials to celebrate the “peace and prosperity that [Emperor] Palpatine strives for every galactic day” in Theed on Naboo, as Rebels head to Coronet, Corellia, to celebrate Remembrance day, as “leaders such as Princess Leia have taken time to reflect on those heroic sacrifices.”

The June patches thus far herald the launch of the event, new badges, new deco, a new stuffed tauntaun, a properly holstering belt, and excitingly, the ability for player Medics to change characters’ species and gender.

“Performing a species change requires the Medic to be at least level 75, [to be] in the same group as their patient, and to use a Cybernetic Species Kit, which will be consumed by the process. The Cybernetic Species Kit is craftable by all traders, and requires a sub-component made by Engineers who have the Additional Cybernetics Schematics expertise. Medics can not perform a species change on themselves. Players can only undergo a species change once every 90 days. After the transformation, the character will have a randomized appearance for the new species/gender. Visit an Image Designer to customize your appearance further. Transforming into a Wookiee will cause players to lose their last name, if they have one.”

The patch notes don’t say it, but if you need a name change too, player Smugglers can already do that, with similar caveats. Nice to see players being given these tools instead of cash shops, eh?

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