SWG Legends rogue server devs say Jedi Themepark part 2 is ‘getting closer and closer’


If you’ve been wanting a good reason to jump into Star Wars Galaxies Legends to see what the fuss about this 21-year-old MMORPG is, then this’ll be a good weekend, as the player devs have kicked off a double-experience event for the holiday.

But if you’re already a player, you might want to head to the forums to see what the devs are doing next, beyond the city update, space PvP update, and species change update that 2024 have brought so far.

“The last few months brought a lot of progress across multiple systems both on a game play standpoint and behind the scenes,” the devs write. “We’ve had a lot going on these last few months, from new models being created/worked on to fulfill senate proposals, to back end system support to allow the events team to run events in space. […] Our development team has been hard at work preparing our test centers and the entire code base for the next round of testing of Jedi Themepark Part 2. While we don’t have a release date nailed down, every day we’re getting closer and closer to having it finalized.”

We spy pics of what looks like remeshing for one of the uglier low-level tailor-made dresses and a Rambo-meme Ewok too. This better be real and we’d better be getting it for the Ewok Festival of Love.

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