Astra Knights of Veda adds new characters, a new survival arena, and second Tower of Trials season


The mobile and PC gacha MMO ASTRA: Knights of Veda got a few new things added last week thanks to a content patch that offers up two more characters to the roster and some new challenge modes for those who like that kind of thing in their RPG diet.

The headline attraction for the patch is the five-star character Aurora, who wields a big bow and big crit damage to the table, as well as the four-star Elias, who brings electrically-charged axe attacks to bear. Their arrival is being celebrated in-game with an event that increases the chance to land these gacha additions and another that lets players trial these new fighters and get goodies for doing so.

Another major portion of the patch is the new survival arena, which pits players against an ever-shrinking battlefield full of monsters and challenges them to survive for as long as possible. Rewards for taking this instance on include Crowns of Victory and progress rewards determined by the associated season’s final ranking.

Speaking of season activities, season two of the Tower of Trials is also open this patch with new treasures awaiting those who make the climb up from floors nine through 12, while events for both features are also available. The patch has otherwise made tweaks to several characters, adjusts the chance at getting new characters during gacha pull events, and applies a long list of bug fixes.

Taking a quick look at Astra’s health on Steam, we see the game’s reviews have moved from red to orange (aka “Mixed), with recent reviews grousing about grind, long install times, and unbalanced PvP among other issues, while average concurrent player counts hover around the 3,000 mark.

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