The Game Awards 2023: Light No Fire, Warframe, Skull and Bones, Palia, Bellwright


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The Game Awards have become one of the key games industry productions of the year, not so much for the awards themselves but for the reveals, announcements, and trailers we always get tucked in around the winners. Tonight’s edition – its 10th – promises to do all that in more, complete with a star-studded presenter cast that this year includes Timothée Chalamet, Anthony Mackie, Christopher Judge,  Gonzo (yes, the Muppet, don’t look at me like that, I don’t make the rules), musical guest Old Gods of Asgard, and the leads from Amazon’s Fallout series. MMO players are looking forward to everything from promised Warframe announcements to news on some of the other big MMOs slated to launch next year.

“We have tried to space out the news tomorrow across the show,” host Geoff Keighley promises. We’ve no doubt that’s true (lol). So we’re tucking the video down below so you can watch along, but we’ll be posting the big news at the end of this piece as we go for those of you who would rather play video games than listen to them be advertised at you for hours. We get it, but we’re also expecting some potential drama as industry groups have called on organizers to acknowledge ongoing political crises and mass layoffs across the industry, all of which affect game developers and would be relevant if this weren’t, you know, a show cynically focused on marketing glitz. Really, this is the worst timeline, and I’m terribly sorry. The preshow begins at 7:30 p.m. EST.

Alternatively, you can watch the super fun version: MOP’s Chris is streaming a co-hosted version, complete with live commentary and snark. And probably snacks.

Regardless, we’ll be liveblogging all the best bits relevant to our MMO audience right here as the show meanders onward.

Fortnite showed off its LEGO collab in a new trailer.

It’s been pretty barren so far for MMOs, folks, but finally, Digital Extremes’ Rebecca Ford and Megan Everett hopped on stage to drop a new trailer for Warframe’s Whispers in the Walls, which is still launching December 13th!

LONDON, Ontario – Dec. 7, 2023 – Digital Extremes spiced up The Game Awards tonight with the world premiere of Warframe’s Whispers in the Walls release date trailer. The Cinematic Quest will be available for all platforms on Wednesday, Dec. 13, debuting alongside a host of features including a gradual rollout of Cross Platform Save. Award-winning actors Neil Newbon (Baldur’s Gate 3) and Ben Starr (Final Fantasy XVI) will also be joining the Warframe family with roles in Whispers in the Walls. Starr will also return in Warframe 1999.

This new core-rattling trailer marks a turning point for Warframe’s renowned storytelling efforts, kicking off a new narrative arc full of fresh faces and darker mysteries to encounter for years to come. The layers are finally peeling back, and answers are in store, but more burning questions are on the horizon. […] One of Warframe’s most enigmatic antagonists, The Man in the Wall, has been endlessly shrouded in the unknown. Albrecht Entrati’s ambitions helped kick off the events of Warframe’s canon, as well as seemingly the creation (or invitation?) of our antagonist. In the modern day, venture into the heart of Entrati’s secret lab and witness his clash against The Man in the Wall firsthand. Survive the crossfire between these god-like beings by facing off against an inconceivable new enemy faction created by The Man in the Wall, known only as The Murmur. Uncover a new weapon type in the form of Entrati’s cursed Grimoire tome; bound in impossible imagery and deadly Void powers to decode his personal history and master plan… “don’t be late.”

Warframe’s most requested feature, Cross Platform Save, will make its way to 75+ million players in waves once Whispers in the Walls launches. All players are expected to have access to Cross Platform Save by the end of the year. Other features coming with Whispers in the Walls include a secret ally Syndicate, the 55th Warframe Qorvex, and even a post-launch update with a new Clan Operation: Gargoyle’s Cry.

Skull and Bones
Ubisoft released a new trailer for Skull and Bones, still coming February 16th, and… it actually looks good you guys.

Best ongoing game inexplicably went to Cyberpunk 2077, over Final Fantasy XIV, Genshin Impact, Apex Legends, and Fortnite. Cyberpunk 2077 literally just ended development with its final patch two days ago and is not “ongoing” in any sort of online games-as-a-service sense.
The First Descendant
Nexon’s The First Descendant is launching summer 2024!

Den of Wolves
Swedish studio 10 Chambers announced “techno-thriller cooperative heist game” Den of Wolves – some multiplayer for ya.

Tencent’s Exoborne is a multiplayer tactical extraction shooter.

Palia got a little call-out with its Switch date announcement; it’s coming December 14th.

“Get ready to Switch it up, Palians! Tonight at The Game Awards 2023, Singularity 6 announced that Palia will launch on Nintendo Switch at 8 a.m. PT on Thursday, December 14, 2023. Just in time to cozy up by the fire with friends for the holiday season, Palia will offer players full cross-play and cross-progression support from Nintendo Switch to PC, and is free to play across platforms. Nintendo Switch owners can pre-order Palia for free from the Nintendo eShop now. Players will receive exclusive rewards when they link their Nintendo Switch to their Palia account at launch, including a Freshly Painted Froggy Bucket, a Mushroom Glider, and a Leapfroggy Outfit.”

Light No Fire
Sean Murray is on stage first to talk about No Man’s Sky’s last 10 years and next year and second to talk up a multiplayer different open-world game that pretty much looks and sounds like a sandbox survival MMO on a planetary scale: It’s called Light No Fire. “Light No Fire is a game about adventure, building, survival and exploration together. Set on a fantasy planet the size of Earth, it brings the depth of a role playing game to the freedom of a survival sandbox.”

The Finals
Nexon’s The Finals announced its launch – as in, right now. It’s live on Steam, Xbox X|S, and PS5 as of tonight!

“Today at The Game Awards, Embark Studios announced the immediate release of THE FINALS, the ultimate combat entertainment game show where you master chaos, build stardom with style, and where the world is your toolbox. The free-to-play, team-based shooter is available now on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. The release sends eager contestants right into Season 1, where they get to celebrate the glitz and glam of Las Vegas — a new virtual arena filled with bright neon lights, slot machines, boxers, UFOs, and more — delivering an all-you-can-eat buffet of destruction and mayhem, and the first hints of the mystery behind the world’s most explosive game show.”

Baldur’s Gate 3
Baldur’s Gate 3 took best multiplayer. That sure is a list of multiplayerish games. It also took GOTY, which seems more like it.

Bellwright – that’s the new survival game from Last Oasis studio Donkey Crew, yeah that one – got a nice little spot (and some eyebrow raises in our offices). It’s flagged now as a SnailGames USA title launching Q1 2024.

Monster Hunter Wilds
Capcom dropped a trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds.

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