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Last Oasis vows to improve the current ‘chore’ of traveling, readies Sleeping Giants map

When a game's entire design forces you to always be on the move, you might rightly assume that getting traveling right would be of...

Last Oasis applies ‘the first of many’ balance patches to address schematics and stamina complaints

Now that Last Oasis' Season 5 update is out in the wild, players are naturally providing reactions and feedback to the self-described "LOverhaul" and...

PSA: Last Oasis is making itself free-to-play this weekend on Steam

If you've been curious about all of the noise Last Oasis has been making about its just-released Season 5 but aren't willing to shell...

Last Oasis’ PvE-centric Season 5 reworking is officially live

It's time to see if the major overhaul to Last Oasis will make the survival sandbox suck less. This week saw the launch of...

Last Oasis previews this week’s Season 5 ‘LOverhaul’ launch

Last Oasis is on the cusp of its Season 5 "LOverhaul," which is set to arrive at some point this week, bringing with it...

Last Oasis explains design decisions for Season 5 while asking for more player feedback in a poll

Last week saw the woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis hold its first beta test for Season 5 - the update that's intended to make...
Sure, why not, you get a day.

Betawatch: Aero Tales Online heads into early access at the start of August

Have you heard about Aero Tales Online? We just told you about it the other day! It's going into early access on Steam on...

Last Oasis’ creator admits the game ‘sucks’ while talking up the Season 5 beta that’s launching today

"Last Oasis Sucks." That's the title of the game's own dev blog, as written by the survivalbox's own creator - a direct admission that...

Last Oasis pins down a July 5 date for beta testing of Season 5

Over the past couple of months, woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis has been banging the drum about its upcoming Season 5, springing back to...

Betawatch: Temtem outlines its launch monetization plans

The Temtem launch window is still a few months away, but the team behind the game has been keeping up a steady stream of...

Last Oasis is doing away with its map-destroying ‘burn’ mechanic in Season Five

One of the more... interesting design decisions made by woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis was the burn mechanic, which effectively forced players to keep...

Last Oasis will completely revamp character progression in Season Five via a schematics system

Last Oasis has been making a whole lot of noise about its upcoming Season Five through a series of dev blogs, and the team...

Last Oasis outlines reworks to travel between zones and the addition of building-eating sandstorms

Woodpunk survival sandbox Las Oasis continues to remind people that it's not dead with yet another dev blog about some feature adjustments and additions...

Last Oasis replaces its lobby system with an increased emphasis on communal zones

Say farewell to the lobby system in Last Oasis, because it's on its way out -- and better oases are heading our way. Studio Donkey...

Last Oasis details a new hardpoint-based building system for its wooden Walkers

We're sure this is going to come as a surprise, but people took a PvP feature in the survival sandbox Last Oasis and just...

Last Oasis talks up new walker weapons, streamlined armor and damage types, and new robot friends

Last month we were all surprised as woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis decided to rise from its comms slumber and discuss new plans for...
Oh, look, we found another one.

Last Oasis emerges with plans for better mob AI and more creature types

When we wrote our "Whatever happened to Last Oasis?" piece last December, the conclusion was that this post-apocalyptic survival title was winding down in...

Steam’s Lunar New Year sale discounts New World, Elder Scrolls Online, and more

It may not be one of the biggest annual promotions that Valve runs, but Steam's Lunar New Year sale has several tempting discounts for...

Whatever happened to woodpunk survival MMO Last Oasis?

Welcome to another edition of "Whatever happened to," a series where we touch base with games that have gone silent or dropped off our...
At long last, shooty men!

The MOP Up: Warface’s Hidden War is revealed

This week, Warface kicked off its Hidden War season: "The season update adds a new PvP-map called Ruins for capture mode where players can...