Bellwright brings its brutal medieval world of multiplayer survival to Steam early access


Will the second verse be different different from the first for developer Donkey Crew — and more importantly for those who buy in to its promises? We’re all going to find out as Bellwright, its second survival sandbox, has officially started its early access on Steam.

“The release of Bellwright into Early Access marks the end of one long journey, and the beginning of another. We’re honored to share this next step with each and every one of you and can’t wait to see players team up with their friends in co-op, mustering their forces against tyranny, or charging against the crown in single player with the help of their loyal rebels.”

Bellwright is promising a deep narrative in its main quest alongside an “endless” number of sub-quests, a skill-based directional combat model, and AI helpers who will ensure player villages are built, citizens are defended, and enemies are thwarted out in the field, all while being played solo or cooperatively with friends. According to Donkey Crew, early access is projected to run for three years as it adds things like horses, sieges and forts, new regions and biomes, and additional character progression features.

It’s at this point that we reiterate that this is Donkey Crew’s second go at survivalbox early access: Its first game Last Oasis has been malingering in early access for over four years, only recently deciding to reopen comms after half a year of silence with a modkit launch and another promise of a Season 6.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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