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Massively Overthinking: The 2023 MMO trainwrecks (almost) nobody noticed

This might be one of the most important Massively Overthinkings we do all year, and it's a pretty salty one. We always come away...
Good, well-thought-out plans.

Last Oasis breaks its silence with confirmation of mod support and Season 6 development

Do you remember Last Oasis? It's all right if you don't - the game has been radio silent for almost a year, with the...

Last Oasis studio releases the demo for medieval survival sim Bellwright

If you don't succeed, as the ancient elders say, try again by doing pretty much the same thing - and don't forget to sweep...
Oh deer.

Donkey Crew announces new survival game Bellwright as Last Oasis begins fourth year of early access

You know how it goes. You're enjoying a normal one, just chilling and vibing, and then suddenly the constabulary shows up all, "uh, so...

Massively Overthinking: The best and worst MMO developer quotes of 2022

You might not know this about me, but I literally spend all year jotting down in my little notepad file all the quirky stuff...

Last Oasis promises map adjustments and PvP content, ponders whether it should have PvE at all

Season 5 of Last Oasis was originally meant to bring a PvE focus - albeit a "brutal" one - but it looks like the...

The long-awaited Sleeping Giants map is finally available in Last Oasis

Sheryl Crow once wisely sang that a change would do you good, and a change is just what early access players of Last Oasis...

Last Oasis adjusts walker weapons in latest patch and eyeballs its new map’s release for next week

If you're pretty much tired of playing on the one map in the current early access build of Last Oasis, then you might be...

Last Oasis applies ‘the first of many’ balance patches to address schematics and stamina complaints

Now that Last Oasis' Season 5 update is out in the wild, players are naturally providing reactions and feedback to the self-described "LOverhaul" and...

Last Oasis previews this week’s Season 5 ‘LOverhaul’ launch

Last Oasis is on the cusp of its Season 5 "LOverhaul," which is set to arrive at some point this week, bringing with it...

Last Oasis is doing away with its map-destroying ‘burn’ mechanic in Season Five

One of the more... interesting design decisions made by woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis was the burn mechanic, which effectively forced players to keep...
Good, well-thought-out plans.

Last Oasis will completely revamp character progression in Season Five via a schematics system

Last Oasis has been making a whole lot of noise about its upcoming Season Five through a series of dev blogs, and the team...

Last Oasis replaces its lobby system with an increased emphasis on communal zones

Say farewell to the lobby system in Last Oasis, because it's on its way out -- and better oases are heading our way. Studio Donkey...

Last Oasis talks up new walker weapons, streamlined armor and damage types, and new robot friends

Last month we were all surprised as woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis decided to rise from its comms slumber and discuss new plans for...

Whatever happened to woodpunk survival MMO Last Oasis?

Welcome to another edition of "Whatever happened to," a series where we touch base with games that have gone silent or dropped off our...

Last Oasis Season 3 breaks the map into Small Realms and brings the survival sandbox to Xbox Game Preview

It's been one year since the woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis arrived to early access, and this time around the devs at Donkey Crew...

Last Oasis announces a ‘broken’ update featuring improved UI and controller support in preparation for its Xbox release

The devs at Donkey Crew want to make one thing very clear to players of Last Oasis: the game's next update is going to...

Last Oasis’ latest update rebalances the essential act of blowing stuff up

It's a smidge delayed, but it's here today: Last Oasis is pushing out a big patch on Steam. Developer Donkey Crew says it's holding...

Last Oasis offers teases and a rough outline for updates arriving in the first quarter of 2021

Buried underneath a community showcase post full of memes, community guides, and screenshots from the Last Oasis playerbase, developer Donkey Crew offered a few...

Last Oasis is launching on Xbox Series consoles early in 2021, PC wipe slated for Sunday

Woodpunk survival MMO Last Oasis has had a bumpy ride since its B2P early access rollout last spring, losing the vast majority of its...