Last Oasis adjusts walker weapons in latest patch and eyeballs its new map’s release for next week


If you’re pretty much tired of playing on the one map in the current early access build of Last Oasis, then you might be delighted to learn that the devs at Donkey Crew are looking to add the Sleeping Giants map next week. This new map will feature PvE and PvP variants and will have SG rarity tiles ready from the jump, along with new challenges and new rewards such as an improved maintenance chest, a new power-generating windmill, and some new boots.

In the meantime, the announcement post runs down some of the adjustments made in the latest patch, including adjustments to walker armor values, fixes for walker weapon reloading bugs, and nerfs to the damage from the scattershot and lobber siege weapons in order to tamp down the “crack and drop” PvP meta that’s seeing players wipe out a walker’s hull and then take its armor and water to put the vehicle out of the fight. The patch has also done more bug fixing on rarity and added a new head piece.

source: Steam
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