The long-awaited Sleeping Giants map is finally available in Last Oasis


Sheryl Crow once wisely sang that a change would do you good, and a change is just what early access players of Last Oasis are experiencing, as the survivalbox’s latest update has finally introduced its Sleeping Giants map that it’s been talking about as far back as August.

Not only is this new map introducing new landscapes, unique camps, and lots of new crafting technology and materials, but the map’s arrival also presents an opportunity for the devs at Donkey Crew to see how PvE and PvP players adapt to things, as Sleeping Giants will initially offers separate versions for each playstyle. “We’ll be monitoring the gameplay on both server types after release and gauge the sentiment towards the map on the different versions. Most likely, we’ll still be making a poll afterwards to get an even clearer picture of the gameplay on both versions,” the post explains.

As for the near future, the devs will ensure that the Sleeping Giants map is stable, then focus on a PvP-centric update and work on another new map. In the meantime, there are some new environs to explore with your favorite giant wooden spider vehicle.

source: Steam
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