City of Heroes fans have (mostly) restored the game’s original 2012 forums

This is how we fall.

Looking for a forum-based blast from the past out of City of Heroes? Maybe you want to re-read some of the story threads, look up previous build patch notes, or even unearth old archetype build ideas. Luckily, the community has you covered as the original forums are back… for the most part.

It all started when Redditor TheQuinch first shared an HTML file grab, offering it up as a torrent file; then long-time CoH creator Michiyo Ravencroft crafted a web-browseable version of the forums; it’s mostly feature-complete save for a search function and credits, but it works just fine otherwise (even if it does so a bit sluggishly).

So there you have it, COH fans: a place to return to most of the game’s old forums. Enjoy, and try not to get too misty-eyed by all of the sunset-related goodbyes in there. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

source: Reddit (1, 2), thanks to Yrys and Astralock for the tip!
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