Alien invaders will descend on Fallout 76 in a two week-long event starting October 4


You know, it’s awfully neighborly of Fallout 76 to let players know when hostile aliens from outer space will be attacking. The devs at Bethesda have now officially confirmed that the Invaders from Beyond seasonal event, which readers will recall was talked up by design director Mark Tucker back in March, finally has a release date: Tuesday, October 4th, starting at 12:00 p.m. EDT.

During the event, players can expect a mothership to descend on one of the six different landmarks in Appalachia at the top of every hour, deploying brainwave siphons and alien warriors. Naturally, it will be up to players to deal with these threats by destroying siphons and alien leaders one by one. Those who face down the extraterrestrial assault will be rewarded with XP, loot, and thematically appropriate weapons and CAMP items.

The event will run for two weeks until Tuesday, October 18th. In the meanwhile, this weekend’s series of events include doubled SCORE earnings from daily challenges, extra gold bullion and legendary scrips, and the return of Minerva’s Big Sale.

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