Star Wars The Old Republic’s GU 7.5, Desperate Defiance, includes a farming system and solo Ventures


We don’t have a hard launch date, but Star Wars The Old Republic’s Update 7.5 has a name and a face, as revealed by this afternoon’s developer stream. Broadsword’s ex-BioWare team introduced the new storyline as Desperate Defiance.

“After the events of ‘Chains in the Dark,’ Players will enlist Sa’har as a new companion and take part in a risky mission to retrieve the holocron and potentially learn more of Heta’s plans,” the studio says. “Players will also journey back to Hutta in the midst of a worker rebellion in the Minboosa District where they’ll have to deal with the proprietor and ‘completely legitimate businessman, Yusinduu the Hutt.'”

Perhaps most surprisingly, the team is adding some fresh solo content to the mix with what it’s calling single-player Ventures.

“New, challenging single-player ‘Ventures’ will be added to the game, starting with the Basilisk Prototype. This Venture connects directly to the ongoing storyline of Lane Vizla and is all about training up the Basilisk Prototype B3-S1, also known as Bessie. This prototype can become a companion for the player and can be used in limited sets of time. Players will have to gradually work on training B3-S1 to reach its full combat potential and capabilities in order for it to become a permanent companion.”

On top of that, players are getting a farming system, and now you have my attention SWTOR: “players will have the chance to step back from combat and become the caretaker of a farmstead on Dantooine” – yes, it comes with a plot of land to tend.

Players can also expect the Spring Abundance festival, PvP season 6, and new cash-shop goodies. The PTS is set to go live “in the coming days.”

Source: Twitter, press release
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