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The Stream Team: Completing SWTOR’s Republic Corellia story before becoming Imperial

Massively OP's Larry and MJ are happy to finally be completing SWTOR's Corellia story arc on the Republic side in their quest to collect...

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While first impressions are all well and good, the mark of a solid MMO release is whether or not it can sustain interest and...

The MOP Up: Apex Legends revamps its matchmaking system

Ever wonder how a competitive online game pairs you up with other people for skirmishes? In a new dev blog, Apex Legends' team went...
Sometimes you even get some cool stuff!

Star Wars The Old Republic’s 64-bit client test tries to contend with stubborn crashing problems

It would appear that the public test for Star Wars: The Old Republic's new 64-bit client is going exactly as it's intended. In that...

The Stream Team: Corellian adventures continue in SWTOR

Massively OP's Larry and MJ are in the middle of the Corellian storyline on their Republic characters. Last time they slogged through Labor Valley,...

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Welcome to a new year of Global Chat -- and with it, the anticipation of a great assortment of MMO blog essays, questions, guides,...
This is fine.

End-of-Year Eleven: The MMOs with the most uncertain futures in 2023

Years ago, I did the first version of this yearly column in a one-off format in the middle of the year just because I...

Star Wars The Old Republic outlines this month’s objectives for the current galactic season

Players of Star Wars: The Old Republic who are deep in the game's Galactic Season 3, listen up: The season's newest series of objectives...

Massively Overthinking: Hopes and fears for MMOs in 2023

As 2022 drew to a close, we spent our Massively Overthinking roundtables discussing our predictions for 2023 as well as our goals. Now, we're...

Star Wars: The Old Republic fills up January’s event schedule with snowballs, ghouls, and relics

While Star Wars: The Old Republic just wrapped up its 11th anniversary celebration, it's not leaving the month of January barren. Several events fill...

Star Wars: The Old Republic players racked up over 158 billion conquest points in 2022

Star Wars: The Old Republic may have seen one of its sparser years of content in 2022, but that doesn't mean the community was...

The best MassivelyOP community Daily Grinds of 2022

2022 marks the fifth year in a row we've done this roundup, but the Daily Grind has been a recurring mini-column here on MassivelyOP...

The Stream Team: More Mandalorian story in SWTOR

Surprise! Much to Massively OP's Larry and MJ's surprise, SWTOR did indeed release new content in 2022. And right in the middle of a...

Fight or Kite: The many ways today’s MMOs are failing PvPers

Last week, the MassivelyOP writing crew released its award for the best PvP MMO of the year - yet I couldn’t bring myself to...

The Stream Team: Slinging snowballs and looking for Wookiees in SWTOR’s Life Day

To help save the holiday spirit for Massively OP's Larry, he and MJ will not be checking out the newest SWTOR content that was...

SWTOR celebrates 11 years, teases cadence changes, and tests 64-bit client

BioWare's Keith Kanneg posted a dev blog for Star Wars The Old Republic players last night to celebrate the game's 11th birthday. He recaps...
I'm an excellent fighter.

Star Wars The Old Republic raises currency caps and makes specific lightsabers appropriately shiny

When your character turns on a lightsaber in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you expect a few things: that satisfying ignition noise, that trademark...

Global Chat: Shopping for a Star Wars Galaxies rogue server

Interested in going back to Star Wars Galaxies -- or trying it out for the first time -- but you find yourself paralyzed with...

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Showdown on Rhunuk and Life Day launch today

Just a month ago, BioWare took the wraps off of a new round of content for Star Wars: The Old Republic: GU 7.2, Showdown...

The Stream Team: Slogging through Labor Valley in SWTOR

Boy, getting those lore bits spread all over the galaxy has been quite the job for Massively OP's Larry and MJ; SWTOR is really...