Star Wars The Old Republic’s GU 7.5 Desperate Defiance launches today alongside The Acolyte collab


Star Wars The Old Republic’s 7.5 patch is upon us today, as servers went down at 8 a.m. EDT this morning to prepare. The so-called Desperate Defiance patch continues the MMO’s storyline with the chapter of the same name.

“7.5 brings the next chapter of the story, Desperate Defiance,” says Broadsword. “Padawan Sa’har Kateen asks the player for help in a risky mission to retrieve Darth Nul’s holocron, turning on Heta Kol, her brother Ri’kan, and the Hidden Chain. Visit the new Minboosa District on Hutta and meet new allies including Adi Vonapa and Rakit, leaders of the worker rebellion.”

The update also introduces the new solo challenge content called the Venture system, the Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival (yay farming), Hutta modernization, a new content update window, and the 6th PvP season, dubbed Great Pirate Hunt. The studio is also teasing a collab with Disney’s Star Wars show The Acolyte; the show launches next week, but the outfits based on the show are in SWTOR’s cash shop as of today.

Expect the servers back up by noon EDT.

Source: Patch notes
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