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Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s Sinnoh Tour turned players into guinea pigs

Both the Pokemon GO's Sinnoh Tour LA Tour and now the Global Tour have both ended, and while there are good points to be...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s Los Angeles Sinnoh Tour was one step forward and one step back for Niantic

Pokemon GO's Sinnoh Tour LA Tour has come and gone, and honestly... it's helped me appreciate some parts of the Hoenn Vegas Tour while...

Disney invests $1.5B into Epic Games with plans to create a ‘huge Disney universe’ in Fortnite

Seeing Disney's various IPs in Fortnite isn't exactly news by this point, but it appears as if there will be a whole lot more...

Obituary: Former Free Realms creative director Laralyn McWilliams has passed away

I'm sorry to report this morning that game developer Laralyn McWilliams has passed away at the age of 58. MMO fans will remember her...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Under A Rock, Farworld Pioneers, Cyborg Immortal

Welcome back to another roundup of MMOs you've probably never heard of (but if you have, awesome!). Under a Rock If you're not living under a...

Massively on the Go: Preparing for Pokemon Go’s Los Angeles Sinnoh Tour

Pokemon GO's Sinnoh Tour is coming to Los Angeles February 16th-18th, but despite its already being sold out, Niantic is still dangling some key...

Avatar franchise mobile MMO Avatar Reckoning has been canceled after split from Tencent

Almost exactly two years ago, we first caught wind of an MMO based on the Avatar franchise - mobile MMO, to be precise, although...

Vague Patch Notes: What City of Heroes Homecoming means for the wider MMORPG industry

As you have probably noticed from the fact that I have been writing about City of Heroes nonstop since the Homecoming server got its...

Fight or Kite: Multiplayer games to play over the holidays with friends and foes, 2023 edition

Tis the season, everyone! Grab your loot and get ready. I hope you have a little bit extra time to yourselves or at least...

Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR’s strange and fascinating journey through 2023

There's a shot right at the end of Empire Strikes Back that's always struck me as the most profound in the entire franchise. The...

Disney Dreamlight Valley gets multiplayer next month to go with its not-F2P launch

The reason that we at Massively OP have been following Disney Dreamlight Valley isn't because we're secret members of the Stitch Fan Club (well,...

Disney Dreamlight Valley ditches free-to-play plan as it heads for a December 5 launch

If you were holding out on Disney Dreamlight Valley's early access period to wait for the promised free-to-play launch edition, then we're sorry to...

Tencent’s not-a-WoW-clone Tarisland snagged a former World of Warcraft composer for its score

It's not every day that a new MMORPG even talks about its composer or score, let alone sends 'round a press release talking up...

Marvel Heroes rogue servers are finally possible thanks to newly released emulator files

Many of our readers and writers deeply miss Marvel Heroes, the MMOARPG that managed to capture something special - and was unceremoniously closed thanks...

One Shots: Just a minute, Mom, I’m playing with my virtual dollhouse!

If playing with physical dollhouses is your entry-level and full-on interior decorating your advanced mode, then video games offer a middle ground to those...
Straight shot.

Perfect Ten: 10 MMOs you’ve already forgotten ever existed

Falling into obscurity and then being completely forgotten is the nightmare of any creative artist. This tragic scenario is compounded when it comes to...

Lord of the Rings Online readies a plus-sized pirate event for September with new stories and missions

Tuesday, September 19th is the International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a cheeky internet holiday that's served as an inspiration for Lord of the...

SWTOR creates outfits ‘inspired by’ the new Ahsoka Disney+ series

Just because Star Wars: The Old Republic and the current era of Disney TV series are separated by thousands of years in-universe doesn't mean...

TennoCon 2023: The soul of Soulframe is healing, redemption, and cute critters

Last year's TennoCon introduced us to a tease of Digital Extreme's new upcoming game, Soulframe. Since then, MMO gamers - including me - have...

Pirates Online rogue server operators open an archive that preserves assets from Pirates of the Caribbean Online

The history of Pirates of the Caribbean Online is one that's about as unique as making an entire MMO out of a Disney theme...