Neverwinter’s 28th module, Adventures in Wildspace, lifts off on PC and console today


I can’t tell you how relieved I am to see Neverwinter get back on the tracks of its traditional cadence, and that’s exactly what’s happening today, as the game’s 28th module is officially going live on PC and console simultaneously.

Adventures in Wildspace is meant to conclude the Spelljammer arc from the Spelljammer module; players will “explore an expanded version of Wildspace, with new content inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons Spelljammer: Adventures in Space book.” As we’ve previously noted, the update includes a pair of planetary systems dubbed Doomspace and Xaryxispace, the three-tier Imperial Citadel dungeon capped off by Prince Xeleth, battlepass tweaks, the Bard Songblade revamp, another enchantment rank, cheaper high-rank mount collar upgrades, and quality-of-life interface adjustments for everything from titles and NPC shops to class bars and the cash shop itself.

“The Adventurer and allies have begun their final assault on the Xaryxian Empire. In a final push to defeat Prince Xeleth and stop his plans to destroy Toril, the Moondancer, along with the armada of the alliance, engage in a final battle in Xaryxis space. After defeating the flagship of the empire, the Adventurer will storm the games of the Temple of Light and battle with Prince Xeleth himself. The Dungeon will have 3 difficulty tiers with all new rewards!”

Patch notes are already up for those who want to peruse them; players can also look forward to the Day of the Dungeon Master event starting Thursday.

Source: Patch notes
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