citadel studios

Indie studio known primarily for Shards Online.

Flameseeker Chronicles: Previewing Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure’s final chapter, The Midnight King

It's strange to say it after just one year, but Guild Wars 2's Secrets of the Obscure era is drawing to a close! Don't...

The MOP Up: Stardew Valley’s creator can’t quit tinkering with the game

Stardew Valley's creator recently sat down for an interview in which he said, “Once I reopen the book on Stardew, I always have a...
in the court of the midnight king

Guild Wars 2’s The Midnight King, the last Secrets of the Obscure update, launches next week

The last and final entry in Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure content rollout is upon us in just one week: The Midnight...

Legends of Aria Classic relaunches this afternoon as devs commit to ‘refining the core game loop’

Legends of Aria is set for a proper relaunch today as promised, after a fairly low-key surprise open beta last weekend for the Kickstarted...

Legends of Aria Classic deals with a server hiccup and gathers player suggestions during its open beta

Last weekend we all were invited to a "surprise open beta" of Legends of Aria Classic, which itself is a return of the original...

Legends of Aria Classic is running a ‘surprise open beta’ this weekend ahead of its May 9 relaunch

In the middle of April, pretty much everyone in the MMORPG was surprised to learn that Legends of Aria is getting a revival. Aria,...

Neverwinter’s 28th module, Adventures in Wildspace, lifts off on PC and console today

I can't tell you how relieved I am to see Neverwinter get back on the tracks of its traditional cadence, and that's exactly what's...

Kickstarted MMORPG Legends of Aria is relaunching as Legends of Aria Classic on May 9

When last we looked in on Legends of Aria, it was fading fast into unfortunate obscurity. The Kickstarted MMORPG - originally known as Shards...

Neverwinter previews Adventures in Wildspace’s new dungeon, heroic encounters, and more

Following a worrying bit of silence and slower development on Neverwinter's front, it's certainly good to see that a huge module is heading our...

Tamriel Infinium: Everything you need to know about Elder Scrolls Online’s Gold Road chapter

The Elder Scrolls Online celebrated its 10th anniversary just this week, an impressive milestone and a chance to reflect on just how far this...

Neverwinter announces Adventures in Wildspace, its 28th module, launching April 23

If you watched Cryptic's stream last month or even just caught our recap, you already know that the Neverwinter team has been hard at...

Wandering Wraeclast: Create your own graveyard with Path of Exile’s new Necropolis league

You've heard all about Path of Exile 2's news during Grinding Gear Games’ big development update livestream last night, so now it's time to...

Whatever happened to Citadel Forged with Fire?

It's been a while since survival sandbox Citadel: Forged with Fire dropped off our radar following its November 2019 release. So what's been going...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Gold Road chapter takes players back to Oblivion’s best city on June 3

With the conclusion of Elder Scrolls Online's stream this afternoon, we can finally talk about the new chapter, dubbed Gold Road. TES fans who...

Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding stories of 2023

Welcome to a special end-of-the-year edition of Make My MMO, the MassivelyOP column where we - well, I - keep tabs on all of...

WoW Factor: What World of Warcraft needs to accomplish in 2024

On October 12th, 2023, the YouTuber SuperEyepatchWolf put out a video running just over one hour nine minutes titled "The Simpsons Is Good Again."...

LOTRO Legendarium: Recapping Lord of the Rings Online’s crazy-busy 2023

Sixteen pages. Sixteen pages is how far back I had to flip through Lord of the Rings Online's news feed here at Massively OP...

Casually Classic: The seven most important things that happened in WoW Classic this year

What did Blizzard assume would happen with WoW Classic when it rolled out this legacy version of the MMO in 2019? I honestly have...

Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday lights up Divinity’s Reach through January 2

"Happy Kryptis to all, and to all a good night!" ArenaNet declared while opening the Guild Wars 2 Wintersday events as of this afternoon...

Legends of Aria’s crypto-spinoff nearly loses IP rights, promises pre-alpha this year

Yep, this one's back on our collective radar again. We're sorry. However, while we don't cover crypto games as a general rule, readers may...