Neverwinter announces Adventures in Wildspace, its 28th module, launching April 23


If you watched Cryptic’s stream last month or even just caught our recap, you already know that the Neverwinter team has been hard at work on Module 28, dubbed Adventures in Wildspace, and that it was launching this spring. But as of today, we have a formal announcement of the module and a hard date: April 23rd. Indeed, that’s a hard date for both PC and console!

“The upcoming major update for the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG will let adventurers experience the epic conclusion of the Spelljammer arc introduced in the previous module, Spelljammer,” Cryptic says. “In this exciting new module, adventurers can explore an expanded version of Wildspace, with new content inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons Spelljammer: Adventures in Space book. The Adventures in Wildspace module will introduce new Landing Sites to the Wildspace Adventure Zone, a new Dungeon, and plenty of quality of life updates.”

Players can look forward to two new planetary systems, Doomspace and Xaryxispace; the Imperial Citadel dungeon, where players will face off against Prince Xeleth on three difficulty tiers; unlimited progression tasks on the battlepass; a revamp of the Bard Songblade; a new enchantment rank; cheaper high-rank mount collar upgrade costs; and multiple interface tweaks for things like titles, NPC shops, class bars, and even cash-shop navigation.

Source: Press release
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