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TERA Console cycles dungeons, launches a new battle pass, and improves its pet system

The de facto maintenance mode-like updates for TERA Console continue on, with the latest patch performing another dungeon access cycle, launching a new battle...

Zenith begins testing Ascension patch and revamped starter experience

VR MMORPG Zenith is looking ahead to its next big update: It's called Ascension, and though it has no launch window just yet, the...

The MOP Up: Aura Kingdom 2’s global pre-registration arrives with NFTs in tow

Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution, the mobile follow-up to the first Aura Kingdom, started taking global pre-registrations this past week. By signing up, players can...

Whatever happened to Legends of Aria aka Britaria? (2023 edition)

We turn our gaze away for just a little bit and suddenly a tire fire has sprung forth, and that tire fire is named...

Global Chat: How do you play older MMOs?

It's always a challenge -- sometimes an insurmountable one -- when you jump into older MMORPGs after being conditioned by modern experiences. To help...

Lord of the Rings Online activates new forums and Gwathrenost raid today

It's quite the big day for Lord of the Rings Online, starting with the release of the previously delayed Gwathrenost raid with Update 35.1.2....

Lord of the Rings Online Update 35.1 arrives this week with anniversary event, new avatar options, and raid prep

Lord of the Rings Online's next semi-big patch is here today -- but all of Update 35.1's bounty won't be available at once. What...

Lord of the Rings Online shows off avatar improvements and new raid

It's been a very busy week for Lord of the Rings Online's testing and development, making for a lively dev livestream this past Friday....

Lord of the Rings Online is testing major new customization options for hairstyle, skintone, and gobs more

Standing Stone Games opened up Lord of the Rings Online's Bullroarer test server last night with multiple surprises for content and customization. "LOTRO is celebrating...

Lord of the Rings Online prepares for Update 35.1’s new raid

If ever there was a fine location for a raid in Lord of the Rings Online, it would certainly be in a place known...

Lord of the Rings Online’s Return to Carn Dûm launches today with new dungeons and the Warden/Captain revamps

It's patch day for Lord of the Rings Online, and update 35 is is no small patch: It's Return to Carn Dûm, which rolls...

LOTRO Legendarium: 16 more fun places to visit in LOTRO’s Minas Tirith

Last week we began our thorough tour through Lord of the Rings Online's largest city, Minas Tirith, combing through the first three tiers in...

Guild Wars 2 latest update buffs WvW PvP, adds jade bot terminals to Central Tyria

As promised, ArenaNet has pushed live Guild Wars 2's WvW update as of this afternoon. PvE players with End of Dragons masteries will want to...

Vague Patch Notes: Stop taking your released MMOs back to the drawing board

This is not a column about Kingshunt, but it is. It's not a column about Crowfall or Deathverse: Let it Die or even Crucible....
Great plan. Hold on there.

Square-Enix’s Yosuke Matsuda is still all-in on blockchain and NFTs even after 2022

You might think that after watching the steady erosion and collapse of blockchain and NFTs in general and in the gaming space after 2022,...

Choose My Adventure: My time inside Guild Wars 2’s dungeons and Elon Riverlands

It was partially a letdown, partially a surprise in my trip through Guild Wars 2 this time around. The objectives were pretty clear: GO...
Run! They've got a New World in the sidecar!

End-of-Year Eleven: The biggest MMO stories of 2022

I might be biased - by which I mean I am definitely biased - but 2022 was a year of big stories and big...

CODEX moves from being a standalone game to an MMO building and hosting tool

In August of 2021 we learned about CODEX, a game that sprung from the original engine that powered Shards Online before it shifted to...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 393: Saga of the Chronicles of the Ember Shards of Aria

Justin and Bree discuss Halloween in MMOs, Embers Adrift's launch, Star Citizen, World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, Chronicles of Elyria, and Legends of Aria, with adventures in LOTRO and SWG Legends.

Legends of Aria’s blockchain mess gets a new name – BRITARIA – as its token sinks

The crypto shenanigans around Legends of Aria just keep getting weirder. Readers will recall that Legends of Aria, Kickstarted by MMO players as Shards Online,...