Elder Scrolls Online deep-dives Gold Road’s Lucent Citadel raid and Mirrormoor Incursions


A week and a half out from the launch of Gold Road on PC, ZeniMax Online Studios is previewing the big group content en route to Elder Scrolls Online when the chapter arrives – starting with the Lucent Citadel.

Lucent Citadel is a 12-person raid in an ancient daedric bastion in Fargrave. Multiple NPC groups are descending upon it, all hunting for an artifact called the Arcane Knot – including you, thanks to your affiliation with the Scribes of Mora. Four bosses and lots of reanimated undead await your intrusion.

“As you adventure through the Citadel and chase after Xoryn, you’ll encounter a mix of awoken Mirrormoor creatures and Xoryn’s powerful allies. These include Lightbringers that can reanimate the dead and Darkcasters that attempt to suffocate their targets with a mounting darkness. Not all the challenges inside the citadel are combat-focused. There are moments where your path to Xoryn requires more than running, jumping, or falling. Being light on your feet won’t be enough. You’ll have to ditch your feet entirely and try your best to avoid looking down!”

The blog also recaps the Mirrormoor Incursions, which are open-world events aimed at overland adventurers, complete with a new progression tracker that shows how many of the Valkynaz bosses have been taken down.

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