Legends of Aria Classic relaunches this afternoon as devs commit to ‘refining the core game loop’


Legends of Aria is set for a proper relaunch today as promised, after a fairly low-key surprise open beta last weekend for the Kickstarted game that’s been through more twists and turns than a pretzel thanks to a game rename, sale to a crypto outfit, and abandoned legacy server.

But Citadel Studios’ Derek Brinkmann is pushing onward with the reboot of the original pre-crypto game. He told fans in Discord last night that the team is taking into account player feedback from beta, specifically to improve build diversity, PvP interactions, meaningful rewards, and the karma system; specifically, the studio is focused on…

“Diversity of Builds and PvP Balance: We are committed to enhancing build diversity and PvP interactions. Changes made during the beta, such as more accessible prestige abilities and the introduction of new combat mechanics, are just the beginning.

Bug Fixing and Quality of Life Improvements: Addressing bugs and improving the overall player experience remain our top priorities. The introduction of features like fast travel has already made a significant impact, and our efforts will continue vigorously.

Content with Meaningful Rewards: Our focus is on delivering impactful content with rewarding experiences. Enhancements like easier access to prestige books and the addition of new passive ability books are designed to enrich your end game experience.

Improvements to Allegiance and Karma Systems: We aim to deepen the social and moral dynamics of Legends of Aria through these systems, ensuring they are more rewarding and engaging.”

“As we resume development in this new era for Legends of Aria, we acknowledge the challenges ahead,” Brinkmann wrote. “We are dedicated to refining the core game loop and enhancing existing systems to deliver a truly classic MMORPG experience.”

The launch is set for 2 p.m. EDT this afternoon, and as we’ve been covering, the game is free-to-play with a mandatory $10 subscription, though that sub won’t kick in for the first 30 days (and after that, it’ll offer a free trial week for new players).

Source: Discord, Steam
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