Square-Enix sees $2B in stock value disappear and its team management scrutinized

The home of Final Fantasy has been sailing some rocky fiscal seas recently. As multiple outlets reported this past week, Square-Enix has seen its...

PvP MMO Abyss admits it began life as a crypto game selling ‘satirical poop’ NFTs

Back in August, we covered a seemingly new project from a new-to-MMOs team called Old World Labs. The so-called Abyss sounded interesting, with immersive...

Riders of Icarus launches Magmapora patch and roadmap, followed by P2E-to-coin conversion

Valofe's Riders of Icarus has been a rollercoaster of chaos the last couple of years. It had already fallen off most MMO gamers' radars...

Whatever happened to the re-released MMO Eden Eternal?

Back in the beginning of May, we covered the re-release of Eden Eternal, an MMORPG that was axed by Gamigo in 2021 and then...

Glorbo lives on thanks to the mischievous scamps in the Destiny 2 community

Here's a copycat we're more than happy to see: The Destiny 2 fanbase now has a Glorbo of its own, doing good works in...

Massively on the Go: Niantic’s Pokemon Go Plus+ debacle illuminates a big metaverse pitfall

Don't let that title fool you, dear readers; we're not really talking about NFTs, blockchain, or the metaverse itself. Instead, we're addressing the oft-repeated...

Kakao partially denies report that ArcheAge will sunset following XLGAMES restructure

Korea's Money Today News has a disturbing scoop on turmoil at XLGAMES that appears to mean layoffs inside the studio - and a closure...

The Neopets team goes independent with new funding for World of Neopets – no crypto involved

There's some big news this week for Neopets fans: According to a massive post on Medium, Netdragon closed down the game's studio, JumpStart Games,...
The eternal.

SEGA backs down on blockchain push, admitting ‘the action in play-to-earn games is boring’

As companies like Ubisoft and Square-Enix keep going in hard on crypto, others are finally giving up on what have always been losing propositions,...

Kickstarter reels back blockchain aspirations thanks to lost revenue and a community council

Back in 2021, Kickstarter announced plans to go crypto, with the idea of using a Celo blockchain as part of a "decentralized crowdfunding protocol...

‘PvP tactical RPG’ Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles is Ubisoft’s next foray into blockchain gaming

Do you remember when Ubisoft tried to force NFTs into Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and it ended in a massive bellyflop? Do you also remember...

Ragnarok Online has a mobile play-to-earn NFT version called Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT

Gravity Games, the studio behind Ragnarok Online and its many, many, many different variations, has released another version of the MMO through its Gravity...

Independence Day’s Roland Emmerich announces Space Nation MMORPG: It’s another token-encrusted NFT game

Movie fans no doubt know the name "Roland Emmerich," a blockbuster director who made a household name for himself by destroying the earth on...
Guess who's back. Back again.

Perfect Ten: The most regrettable MMO studio names

The name of a studio has no bearing on the game's quality. You might disagree and point to a game you were more inclined...

MMORPG sandbox BitCraft concludes pre-alpha, looks forward to closed alpha

BitCraft has been on our radar for a good while now as a solid sandbox MMORPG from legitimate devs who have eschewed any semblance...

MMO dev Richard Garriott’s Explorers Club joins search for missing submersible at the site of the Titanic

As part of our 2021 recap, we counted among our "weirdest stories" articles representing the weirdest things MMO developer Richard Garriott did that weren't,...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard of: Solarpunk, Hyperspace, and Dawnlands

Welcome back to another run-through of some new-to-us MMOs and MMO-adjacent titles that we (and presumably you) have never heard of. If you have,...

The Daily Grind: What’s the worst guild you’ve ever been in?

Friends, I saw a horrific tweet the other day about - and I am not making this up - a "pay-to-earn gaming guild," and...

Gameforge’s DMCA filing took the Magic to Master Kickstarter down, alleging stolen Metin2 assets

We return to the bizarre and spiraling story of Magic to Master, an old Korean MMORPG brought to Kickstarter by Hungarian studio Laniatus. We're...

The Magic to Master mess devolved into DMCA abuse as Laniatus promises launch ‘regardless of Kickstarter’

We've been trying real hard not to have to write about this game again, but here we are back touching base on the Magic...