CCP Games’ blockchain EVE Online spinoff Project Awakening plots next test phase for May


I can’t blame you if you can’t temper your skepticism for CCP’s Project Awakening, both because CCP Games is notorious for failed EVE Online-universe spinoffs and because this one’s a crypto blockchain… thing. Nevertheless, you still might want to know that game is heading into its third closed test in May.

“Powered by the EVM-Compatible Carbon Development Platform and MUD by Lattice, Project Awakening is a persistent world bound by digital physics, where composability and programmability allows players to build on top, outside of and within the emergent game environment – unlocking boundless creativity for third-party development through blockchain technology and cryptography,” CCP Games announced today. Say all that 10 times fast.

“To test this functionality and our single-shard survival experience, a closed playtest (PHASE III) will begin on May 21st 2024, allowing you to create and experience player-made utility within the world. As part of the playtest, an online hackathon will provide ambitious builders with an opportunity to unleash their creativity. We will provide you with the guides and tools to realise your ingenuity, experimenting and building new features and functionality.”

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