MUD stands for “multi-user dungeon.” MUDs are typically characterized as text-based proto-MMORPGs.

Something fell.

The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v7.0

Once again we put a wrap on another year of MMORPG news, opinions, and -- most pertinent to this column -- history. In a...

Vague Patch Notes: Default MMORPG genre features change over time, and that’s OK

I want you to picture a nonexistent MMO in your head right now. Not one that hasn't released yet; one that hasn't even been...
It's old.

Massively Overthinking: What’s the most chaotic behavior you’ve seen from MMO players?

A week or two ago, I found myself discussing Ultima Online by way of trying to convince our work chat that players often do...

Iron Realms puts two of its MUDs into maintenance mode including Starmourn

Those who have dabbled or gone hardcore into the world of multi-user dungeons (MUDs) and text-based MMOs will no doubt recognize the name of...

The Game Archaeologist: EverQuest Mac, the O.G. classic server

In 2003, Sony Online Entertainment tried an experiment to reach out to the (then) small-but-growing community of Mac users. The company released EverQuest Macintosh...

LOTRO Legendarium: Amazon plays at making a Lord of the Rings MMO… again

Weren't we just here? I mean, that's what everyone's thinking, am I right? It was just three years ago that I penned a column about...

The Daily Grind: So what *should* we call the metaverse?

Back in April, we covered a whitepaper from MMO designer Raph Koster, who just so happens to be building a metaverse MMO - or...
See no anything.

Vague Patch Notes: MMO players don’t talk about aging

I turned 40 this year. It's not something that I announced with any particular fanfare, due in no small part to the fact that...

Perfect Ten: 25 text-based MMOs and MUDs that are worth playing in 2023

Wanderlust hits even the most content MMO adventurer from time to time, and while there are worlds a-plenty to visit, sometimes it is easy...

MMO legend Richard Bartle reviews the highs and lows of New World

When one of the founding legends of MMORPGs spends 360 hours in your game, chances are that he has Opinions about how you did...

Star Vault says newly announced sci-fi MMO Mortal Exodus won’t pull resources from Mortal Online 2

We're not sure whether to raise our eyebrows or be impressed by the ambition shown by the fact that a small company with two...

MUD Aetolia used ChatGPT to generate NPC dialogue and grant a fake quest

Some game developers continue to laud AI generation tools like ChatGPT as the future of many frontiers, including NPC behavior in MMORPGs and gaming...

Whatever happened to vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss?

You are totally excused from having to remember that a somewhat obscure vampire MMO named Shadow's Kiss was the first (early access) release of...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Sengoku Yōkai, Kakele Online, and Void Crew

Welcome back to another roundup of a few MMOs and multiplayer titles we and possibly you had never heard of... before now! Sengoku: Yōkai -...

Diablo IV’s paid closed beta aka ‘early access open beta’ is officially underway

Are you getting your early access open betas mixed up with your open betas and headstarts and actual early access and soft launches? We're...

Therian Saga is a board game MMO where your hero obeys commands while you’re offline

For those discerning MMORPG players looking for a rare and refined flavor of game that diverges from the pack, may your waiter suggest Therian...

The Game Archaeologist: PlaneShift, the poster child of open-source MMOs

As the character creation screen fades out, a dark vista fades into being. The fledgling adventurer looks around at dim shapes and sinister movements...

The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v6.0

And that's a wrap on this year in history! While everyone says farewell to 2022, here at TGA we're always looking way back at...

Farwoods expands its furnishings and dye options for players to make cozier burrows

Sure, there are bandits in the graphical MUD of Farwoods, but that doesn't mean that player burrows need to be spartan or uninviting. Making...

The Stream Team: Polar plunges, mud balls, and more in Elder Scrolls Online’s New Life festival

How do you celebrate the holidays? In Elder Scrolls Online, slinging mud balls, fire dancing, a polar plunge, and burping after a meal are...