MUD stands for “multi-user dungeon.” MUDs are typically characterized as text-based proto-MMORPGs.

The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v3.0

Behind history are people and stories, some of them well-known and some of them obscure. It has been my mission in The Game...

BatMUD, a 29-year-old MMO, is now on Steam

Where were you in 1990? Did you even exist then? Because if you happened to be around 29 years ago, you could have jumped...

Into the Super-verse: 13 text-based superhero MMOs you can play today

As part of this column covering superhero MMORPGs, we have looked at the usual suspects: MMOs of the past (Champions Online, City...

Remembering the life and work of legendary MMO designer Brad ‘Aradune’ McQuaid

When the news hit last night, it brought everything to a screeching halt in the Massively OP office: At the age of 51,

Raph Koster’s new MMORPG will reward social gameplay, not just hack-n-slash

Since announcing he is building a new MMORPG with the apparently respectably funded new Playcraft studio, Raph Koster has been doing a long...

The Game Archaeologist: A brief history of Multi-User Dungeons

You know that sinking feeling when you get into something that's way, waaaay over your head and you have no choice but to swim...

Lusternia replaces its producer as the text-based MMO/MUD turns 15 years old

The timing for this bit of Lusternia news couldn't be worse, to be completely frank. The MUD's producer, Robb "Estarra" French, has

PC preorders for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online have now begun

We interrupt this week's raging dumpster fire to point you to last fall's dumpster fire! Yes, Rockstar Games has officially opened preorders...

Working As Intended: What it means to be an MMORPG

I am amused and somewhat bewildered to admit that I have my very own pet troll. He follows me around on Reddit to hassle...
This took some work.

Perfect Ten: MMOs that flirted with permadeath

This month, Dungeons and Dragons Online will be venturing where many MMORPGs have feared to tread: into the realm of officially supported...

Tracing the lineage of the modern MMORPG

Do you ever wonder where the MMORPG was born? If you said, "The internet, duh," you're technically correct but also a huge smartass. But...

The Game Archaeologist: Sierra’s Fates of Twinion and Ruins of Cawdor

A few years ago I regaled you with the fascinating tale of one of the very first multiplayer graphical MUDs, the absurdly named

Surprise! Chat Wars is apparently still a thing

I suspect when you saw the title of Chat Wars, you responded with either a wave of nostalgia or a headtilt of confusion. Turns...

Space MUD Starmourn adds Bounty Hunters, new zones, and more

How is it that there's a gigantic new space MMO with a dozen playable races, starship combat, exploration, trading, and even hacking on the...

The Daily Grind: Do you trust companies selling ‘games as a service’?

MUD and MMO players are pretty much the original victims of "games as a service" mentality. News that Nintendo is shutting down the...

Project Horseshoe’s design papers confirm decades of MMORPG lessons

Not everyone involved in game design is trying to squeeze every last penny out of you. Yes, a lot of them are, but many...

What Destiny 2 could’ve learned about community puzzle gating… from Star Wars Galaxies

Say you're the developer of an online shooter, but you really want to add something that challenges the players in a world where they...

Richard Bartle reveals the secrets and history of MUDs

If you know even a little bit about the history of the MMORPG genre, you'll be aware that these games didn't start with

MMOs you’ve never heard of: Trulion, Morna Tales, Laplace M, Project BBQ, Genesis, Endless Battle, Achaea, Lord of Chains, Star Sonata

We have a perilously tall pile of MMOs (and MUDs and MOBAs and such) that you've probably never heard of for today's roundup. We're gonna just jump right in, starting with Trulion Online, a new open-world sandbox MMORPG that just hit beta on Android. Yes, it's a mobile title with retro graphics, but not all of what we're looking at today falls into that category!
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Vague Patch Notes: How to make your points and exit gracefully from online debates

It's 2019, people. Let's do this. And by do this I of course mean learn to actually debate things in a way that might wind up changing...