Whatever happened to vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss?


You are totally excused from having to remember that a somewhat obscure vampire MMO named Shadow’s Kiss was the first (early access) release of the year for our genre. After all, we do that rememberin’ for ya! And we also get curious from time to time what’s going on with these lesser-known titles, which is why we investigated how things are going for this decidedly adult-only title.

And it looks like things are…

…well, they could be better, let’s just say that.

The most recent patch came back in February, when the team implemented grouping for its zero players: “We’ve implemented Version 1 of the grouping system, which makes the game feel like it’s made the jump from MUD to MMO. We have a lot of things on the roadmap for ‘better with friends.'”

Next on deck is the Sacrifice of Flesh update, which “involves the seedy and profane back room of the cultist-run stripclub Vamp, a nightmarish underground casino run by the Loa Masters, and carnal sacrifices to the demon Rhomoth!”

We won’t link one of the screenshots of a fully naked in-game “drugged girl” that the studio posted in relation to this patch, but suffice to say, this isn’t a title you want to share with the kiddies. Or maybe even yourself.

Source: Steam, Twitter
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