Kickstarted adult-only vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss puckers up for early access

A vamp's worst foe isn't a werewolf but bad reviews


If you’ve been seeking the most murky of smooches and the darkest of nighttime strolls in your MMORPG adventures, Shadow’s Kiss would like to lay its charms all over you. Wait, did we say “charms?” Perhaps “harms” would be more appropriate.

The adult-only vampiric MMO was Kickstarted in December 2017 and headed into early access back on January 7th of 2022, charging players $25 to access it through Steam. Developer Clockwork Throne describes the game as “a modern gothic vampire online RPG featuring turn-based combat, intrigue, horror, and mature themes.”

Players take on the role of a newbie vampire who is learning the ropes in a seedy city. The title boasts features such as offline skill training, four archetypes, seduction, necromancy, and “no need for Jedi-like reflexes to be a terrifying vampire.” Just in case that was a fear.

However, you may want to hold off on this one considering that almost all of the player reviews on Steam are incredibly negative. Testers note that too much of the game is broken or not working, with one saying that it’s more of a “concept” than a playable product.

“You know how some people like to eat cookie dough instead of waiting for the actual cookies? Well Shadow’s Kiss decides to have you eat all the ingredients individually while they are still in the wrapper,” wrote one player (who also provided the below video as proof).

Source: Steam
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