Stormgate studio Frost Giant opens equity crowdfunding campaign to make players into investors

Back in February, we covered the eyebrow-raising story that Frost Giant, the studio behind multiplayer RTS Stormgate, was planning to make a push for...

Starship Simulator’s Kickstarter unlocks VR, planetary landing, and alien structure stretch goals

The Kickstarter campaign for multiplayer internet spaceship sim Starship Simulator doesn't appear to be slowing down. As of the time of this writing, crowdfunding...

Make My MMO: Starship Simulator has pulled in $350K on Kickstarter so far

It's only April and we might just have our biggest MMO Kickstarter of the year in the form of the new sci-fi multiplayer sandbox...

Chronicles of Elyria shifts development roadmap of its six different pieces based on feedback

Back in January, Chronicles of Elyria began an alpha test of a feedback form, then started to process some of that form's responses a...

Starship Simulator is a Kickstarter new multiplayer space game about exploring a Milky Way replica

How do you simulate something that doesn't actually exist in real life yet? Well, if you're indie developer Fleetyard Studios, you start creating a...

Throwback MMO Scars of Honor posts a wrap-up video for its sixth playtest

Even though its Kickstarter fizzled earlier this month, throwback MMORPG Scars of Honor and its studio, Beast Burst Entertainment, continue to forge forward. In...

Make My MMO: Camelot Unchained and Star Citizen eye 1.0 launches

It's been a fairly dramatic couple of weeks for crowdfunded MMOs! Top of the pile is surely the fact that Kickstarted MMORPG Camelot Unchained...

Camelot Unchained prequel Final Stand Ragnarok launches into early access – again – today

As we noted earlier this week, the Camelot Unchained spinoff game Final Stand Ragnarok is launching today into its most formal early access yet....

World of Warcraft-inspired Scars of Honor’s latest video sure is something

Last week, after Scars of Honor's $200K Kickstarter ended unsuccessfully, the Bulgarian team, which had fallen silent through most of the campaign, quickly revived...

First impressions: Final Stand Ragnarok is not Camelot Unchained, but it’s a fun romp anyway

At the top of 2020, when City State Entertainment's Mark Jacobs first announced Final Stand Ragnarok - called Project Colossus back then - it...

Shroud of the Avatar lets players build bazaars and live on the water in Release 123

Whether you're keen to create a market stall-filled bazaar or dodge property taxes because you're living on the water, Release 123 of Shroud of...

Kickstarted multiplayer sandbox ECO releases a roadmap from early access to launch

It's been a few months since we talked much about ECO, the Kickstarted sandbox that has enchanted pretty much everyone who gives in to...

Throwback MMORPG Scars of Honor’s $200K Kickstarter bid ends unsuccessfully

Exactly a month ago, Bulgarian startup studio Beast Burst Entertainment began a $200,000 Kickstarter for its MMORPG Scars of Honor, and as of this...

Mediumly multiplayer Loftia, bolstered by investor funding, talks quests, energy, and sustainability

We've had our eye on solarpunk-themed "mediumly multiplayer" sandbox Loftia since last year, when Aussie developer Qloud scored a whopping $1.27M on Kickstarter to...

The Daily Grind: So who thinks Camelot Unchained is really launching next year?

Unchained Games fka City State Entertainment is one of the rare few studios that gets a standard disclaimer in our posts, and for those...

Cozy multiplayer sci-fi life sim Galactic Getaway crosses the Kickstarter finish line

While its final tally may not be record-breaking in the annals of crowdfunding, a win is a win for multiplayer life sim Galactic Getaway. The...
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10-year-old Camelot Unchained is launching ‘late next year’ following CSE rebrand and investment haul

So, remember Camelot Unchained? The throwback sandbox MMORPG that was Kickstarted way back in 2013, hit beta in 2018, then added a second game...

Not So Massively: Last Epoch is a potential gem in dire need of polishing

Originally Kickstarted in 2018, Last Epoch has been in early access on Steam for about five years, but the developers at Eleventh Hour Games...

Zenith OARPG Infinite Realms launches today as Steam reviews plummet over MMO development halt

There wasn't much lead-up to this - indeed, the world has known it was happening for less than a month - but Zenith's new...

Make My MMO: Scars of Honor’s Kickstarter, Temtem’s and Zenith’s spinoff drama

Welcome to another blast of MMO crowdfunding news from the last few weeks! We've got three specific newish Kickstarters to talk about. Galactic Getaway,...