Zenith Infinite Realms’ latest little patch primarily ensures PSVR 2 owners can buy cosmetics


Zenith Infinite Realms — the free-to-play side release, not the Last City VR MMORPG — has gotten yet another update for itself, and this one isn’t what most would call a barn burner, as it primarily opens the cosmetics store to PSVR 2 owners. That’s right, the ringing bell of a shop door opening is the big ticket item.

Beyond that news, the patch that otherwise added the cosmetics shop also applied some fixes to voice chat and improved stability for shards and instances. That’s literally all that the patch notes are offering right now; see for yourself by scrolling all the way to the bottom of this page.

The perceived effort by Ramen VR to ignore that Last City ever happened continues to see negative reviews assault it on Steam as well as unkind responses to the Twitter post, while we further point out that the studio has remained completely quiet about the PC release it promised Kickstarter backers. One could further argue that a three-line set of patch notes doesn’t bode well for a game that’s confirmed to be operating at a loss.

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