zenith infinite realms

Zenith Infinite Realms’ latest little patch primarily ensures PSVR 2 owners can buy cosmetics

Zenith Infinite Realms -- the free-to-play side release, not the Last City VR MMORPG -- has gotten yet another update for itself, and this...

Zenith is now on the PSVR2 store with both Zenith Infinite Realms and Zenith The Last City

If you are still waiting on a non-VR PC port of Zenith The Last City (something studio RamenVR did promise Kickstarter backers many moons...
You know the joke is coming.

Zenith Infinite Realms rolls out its second season with Frostrealm

Yes, that header is not lying to you; the second season of Zenith: Infinite Realms will indeed feature the aurora borealis. At this time...

Zenith previews Infinite Realms Season 2 as players reviewbomb the Last City MMO

Zenith continues to look more and more like a tale of two totally different games - the originally Kickstarted MMORPG The Last City and...

Zenith Infinite Realms adds new course layouts, fixes bugs, and makes sure its cash shop is working

Zenith Infinite Realms - the obstacle course-filled OARPG side piece that Ramen VR put out last month, not the virtual reality MMORPG that players...
More soon.

Betawatch: Camelot Unchained claims it’s finally launching late in 2025

Well, what do you know, Camelot Unchained has declared a launch window of late 2025. It's going to launch! Can you believe that? Can...

VR MMO Zenith’s free-to-play spinoff Zenith Infinite Realms launches February 27

Well, that didn't take long: After only a week in open beta, Zenith: Infinite Realms, the free-to-play spinoff RPG of VR MMO Zenith, will...

Zenith’s spin-off game Infinite Realms has begun its free open beta

Will today be the day that you decide to fling some blades at things before jumping through parkour courses in VR? Zenith's developers certainly...
I'm sure it's fine.

Zenith explains how its free-to-play instanced spinoff Infinite Realms uses procedural generation

So the upcoming free-to-play spinoff title for VR MMORPG Zenith, which was announced at the start of the month, is using procedural generation. How...

Kickstarted VR MMO Zenith is launching a spinoff F2P co-op RPG called Zenith Infinite Realms

Zenith - the Kickstarted VR MMO that has yet to actually produce the PC-centric version promised during that campaign - has been hinting at...