VR MMO Zenith’s free-to-play spinoff Zenith Infinite Realms launches February 27


Well, that didn’t take long: After only a week in open beta, Zenith: Infinite Realms, the free-to-play spinoff RPG of VR MMO Zenith, will make its full launch on Tuesday, February 27th.

“Slash mobs with magic and race across parkour challenges in quick session-based runs. Meet up with other players in the city to upgrade your gear or just hangout and shoot hoops before your next run! Sessions stays fresh with daily and weekly content rotations.”

Described by Ramen VR as a “season-based free to play procedural action-adventure RPG with co-op sessions,” Infinite Realms sees players hang out at a central city hub for some social activity, mechanics instruction, and to use vendors and gear upgrade stations, then head into randomly generated obstacle courses where players fling attacks at foes and use parkour platforming to maneuver.

Full patch notes will be released for the side piece soon, but a launch trailer awaits below in the meanwhile.

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