Eternal Tombs fka War of Dragnorox announces a closed beta test for April


With its eyes set on a 2025 launch, upcoming MMO Eternal Tombs has a lot of territory to cover for the rest of this year. This includes getting a proper beta test going, a feat that is now on Triune Studios’ schedule thanks to a recent announcement of an early April start date.

“Testing begins in the Woodland Commons April 2nd,” Triune posted at the end of a teaser video. The studio said that it’s “thrilled” at kicking off the beta process and urged players to sign up for free on the website.

We’ve been following Eternal Tombs for several years now; back when it was revealed in 2021, devs were calling it War of Dragnorox and promised mechanics like corpse runs and nasty death penalties but also real dungeon masters guiding the game’s storyline. It was meant to launch in the fall of 2023, but last summer, the game got a rename and a major design pivot to more of an action-combat sandbox. We’re currently expecting it early next year.

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