Ashes of Creation’s newest video explains how its questing system differs from other MMOs

"Ashes does questing just a little bit differently than other MMOs." That's a good heads-up for any fans that Intrepid Studios' upcoming MMORPG may require...

Star Citizen’s CIG admits to rumored layoffs, blaming restructuring and relocation

Over the past couple of weeks we've been reporting on an apparent wave of layoffs at Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games, starting first...

Sandbox MMO Anvil Empires previews chunks of its smithing and weaponcrafting systems

The latest Anvil Empires dev blog is all about making the pointy end part of "stick 'em with the pointy end" as the Siege...

Pax Dei floods Discord with screenshots of wildlife, continues to promise alpha testing soon

The sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei is extremely proud of its plantlife and animal life, and just in case you doubt us, then you need...

Age of Empires announces multiplayer mobile version for 2024

Oh man, Age of Empires II was my jam back in the early 2000s. Along with many of you, surely, I sunk in so...

Freaky shooter Once Human aims for a multiplayer beta next month

Just because the world has ended in such mind-boggling horror that it would erode your very soul doesn't mean you can't grab a good...

Star Citizen followers uncover additional layoffs at CIG that reference relocation and restructuring

A couple of weeks ago we caught word of Star Citizen's game director leaving his position after nine years at CIG, with most assuming...

Eternal Tombs fka War of Dragnorox announces a closed beta test for April

With its eyes set on a 2025 launch, upcoming MMO Eternal Tombs has a lot of territory to cover for the rest of this...

Betawatch: Nightingale heads into early access at last

After what feels like it has been forever - well, wait, that's not fair. Nightingale has actually been in not-early-access for a reasonable length...

Emmy-winning composer Russell Brower talks about making Tarisland’s soundtrack

Whatever concerns or qualms you might have about Tencent's upcoming Tarisland, the soundtrack shouldn't be one of them. That's because the game signed on...

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen discusses its first season progress and reception, season two plans, and monetization

The first season of development and testing for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen continues to roll forth, and with players getting their hands on...

Star Citizen talks flight and combat in alpha 3.23, sets next CitizenCon for October 2024

Star Citizen is just chock-full of headlines as we head into the weekend, starting first with its latest Inside Star Citizen video, which once...

Corepunk boss says early access launch in 2024 is ‘very realistic’

Now that fans know Corepunk's next alpha test phase is being pushed into late April, there are likely a lot of questions in people's...

Ultima Online plans a New Legacy beta by summer ahead of the launch this fall

So, where is the long-delayed Ultima Online New Legacy? We actually have something of an answer for you this time: Broadsword says it's aiming...

The Quinfall shows off a couple of its melee fighting styles

With more communication from its developer and gameplay videos coming out, The Quinfall may be taking steps to hike out of a pit of...

Nightingale runs down some last-minute changes before tomorrow’s early access launch

Who's ready to plunge into the Victorian sci-fi realms of Nightingale this week? Early access for the multiplayer survival sandbox begins tomorrow, and developer...

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen officially begins its seasonal testing with the Into the Pass release

The time of standard pre-alpha testing is over and the age of seasons has begun in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. This past weekend...

Open world survivalbox Smalland launches out of early access

One brand-new survival game is attempting to go big -- by going very, very small. Smalland: Survive the Wilds launched out of early access this...

Corepunk pushes its next alpha test into late April

So far, hybrid MMO Corepunk has taken its sweet time getting here -- and it doesn't look like that pace is going to change...
See? SEE?!

Betawatch: Islands of Insight launches straight out the gate

So it does not matter what you think about Islands of Insight because that game just launched. Do you know how long that game...