closed beta

It's a real laugh.

Betawatch: Kingdoms of Elyria is no longer launching this year, quelle surprise

In what will surely shock anyone with the memory of a mayfly that has suffered severe head trauma and has gotten blackout drunk, Kingdoms...

NCsoft’s mythological battle royale, Battle Crush, is launching next spring with CBT signups open now

You wouldn't normally look to Nintendo Direct for news on NCsoft multiplayer titles, but 2023 is still pumping out surprises. Today, NCsoft announced that...
Fracking! Yes? No.

Betawatch: Fractured Online vows to return to Steam once again

It has been an interesting ride for Fractured Online over the past couple of years, but as it currently stands the game is not...

Skull and Bones loses yet another creative director as union assembles over labor conditions

With Skull and Bones now in closed beta testing after a half dozen significant delays, it's smooth sailing ahead for this frequently delayed pirate...

NetEase’s post-apoc MMORPG Ashfall is working on English voiceovers, plans next test this winter

It hasn't been getting much buzz since its reveal a year ago, but NetEase's post-apoc adventure shooter MMORPG (yes) Ashfall has been in and...

Evercore Heroes shutters North American server after cutting team and entering maintenance mode

The shakeups surrounding fusion MMO/MOBA Evercore Heroes continues -- and not for the better. This title went into a paid closed beta this past...

Survival shooter The Front begins a five day-long closed beta test

Back in February we were aimed in the direction of The Front, a self-described SOC - that's "survival open-world crafting" game - set in...
Peeky boo.

Betawatch: Wayfinder is getting its act together

Wayfinder is just like you and me insofar as the game is still kinda working on getting its stuff together. In this particular case,...

Ilysia talks about its testing, what happened with freeforge, and ‘real early access’ plans in Q&A video

The VR MMORPG Ilysia had a pretty rough start to its closed beta. After multiple delays, the closed beta finally kicked off but without...

Sea monsters feasted well on 810 delicious pirate players during Skull and Bones’ brief CBT

Ubisoft's Skull and Bones closed beta was over almost as soon as it began, but those few players who got a sneak peek apparently...
Pointlessness, right ahead!

Betawatch: Skull and Bones is finally in testing

Ubisoft knows that the true secret to making tons of money and launching a hit video game is to strike when the iron is...

After six delays in its long development, Skull and Bones has finally entered closed beta

It's been an extremely long time coming, but Ubisoft's Skull and Bones is finally entering closed beta. The pirate multiplayer title we first demo'd...

Party Animals readies pre-orders and three closed beta tests ahead of September 20 release

The month of September is going to be a busy one for the multiplayer floppy critter brawler Party Animals, as developer Recreate Games is...

Tencent’s Tarisland sets second closed beta for November, talks game optimization

We've finally got a window for Tencent don't-call-it-a-WoW-clone Tarisland next testing leg. " 2nd closed beta arrives in November!" the tweet this afternoon reads. "Europe,...

Preloading has begun for tomorrow’s Skull and Bones closed beta test run

Skull and Bones is setting sale for beta this week - closed beta, that is, which means you're playing only if you got an...

Evercore Heroes ends updates August 24, ‘significantly’ shrinks its dev team, and focuses on redesign

This past June saw Evercore Heroes, a self-described competitive PvE fusion of MMO and MOBA, enter into closed beta, and though it made an...

Betawatch: Palia gets its first content patch – and plenty of bugs

Palia is finally open to everyone, which feels like it took a while but hasn't really been all that long. Just the same, that...

Skull & Bones previews its crafting system ahead of next week’s closed beta test

Had you forgotten about Skull and Bones? Ubisoft means to rectify that if so with a new dev blog on the long-delayed multiplayer pirate...

Genshin Impact recounts the RPG’s early dev challenges as it previews Version 4.0’s new characters

With Genshin Impact being the massive success that it is, it's hard to imagine that developer Hoyoverse would be anything but full of confidence...

Ilysia’s finally made it to closed beta, minus its freeforge classes, with Beta 2 scheduled to begin August 18

It has taken a couple of false starts to get the first beta test of VR sandbox MMORPG Ilysia to get going, but this...