Dune Awakening shows off character creation process, preps for persistent beta


When you get your hands on Dune Awakening, what kind of character are you planning to roll? To help you make that decision, Funcom recently posted a video that shows off the character creation process for the game’s four roles: Swordmaster, Bene Gesserit, Mentat, and Trooper.

Not only do you get to pick your class at the start, but you also choose factors like your home planet, avatar visuals, and your mentor’s specialization.

Funcom announced that Dune Awakening is transitioning this summer to a “persistent closed beta test” for PC only. Over on the game’s Discord, a FAQ covers any questions you may have about the beta, such as the existence of an NDA, how to sign up for the test, and if there are any ways to increase your chance of being picked for the beta (no).

Source: Discord
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