Summer Game Fest 2024: New World, Dune Awakening, Palworld, and more MMO reveals

Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest - aka not-E3 - is set to begin this evening at 5 p.m. EDT, and if you've been following...

Dune Awakening reportedly begins sending out closed beta invites

While Dune: Awakening appears to have failed to strike the hot iron of the recent movie's popularity, it is making something akin to forward...

The Daily Grind: Will Dune Awakening miss the popularity boost from the movies?

Timing, as they say, is everything -- and time doesn't seem to be on Dune Awakening's side, at least if Funcom wanted to get...

The Daily Grind: Do you avoid base-building in survival MMOs?

Listening to some of the recent development chatter surrounding Funcom's Dune Awakening, I was reminded that this survival MMO had bases -- ones which...

Dune Awakening teases its movable, taxable, base-buildy but cozy player housing

Fans of Funcom's Conan Exiles will eagerly point to the game's building as one of its strongest features, so it's no surprise that the...

Dune Awakening explains why ‘spice is power’ for this upcoming survival MMO

Even those most tangentially aware of the Dune franchise are aware that everyone in that setting is pretty crazy about spice. This resource fuels...

Dune Awakening discusses MMO size, PvP and PvE, the deep desert, and getting rid of Funcom ‘jank’

Funcom's Joel Bylos was among those in attendance at this year's GDC, which is the stage where he answered questions about the upcoming Dune:...

The MOP Up: Co-op RPG Stolen Realm launches with ‘frictionless’ multiplayer

Turn-based RPG Stolen Realm launched on Steam, Xbox, and Switch: "Play Stolen Realm solo, or in co-op with up to six heroes, as you...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 461: Dune Awakening rises from its slumber

Justin and Bree discuss Camelot Unchained, Final Stand Ragnarok, WoW Cataclysm Classic, Dune Awakening, New World, and Albion Online, with adventures in Elder Scrolls Online, LOTRO, SWG Legends, and City of Heroes, plus mailbag topics on BitCraft and our thoughts on the merits of early access.

Dune Awakening: Religion yes, player messiahs no

With Dune Part 2 in theaters and Funcom kicking Dune Awakening's hype into high gear, it's hard not to be swept up in the...

Hey game devs, stop namedropping Star Wars Galaxies and make a spiritual successor

If you're an MMORPG gamer who watches the mainstream gaming space, you probably know that most gaming sites take any opportunity they can get...
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Dune: Awakening’s Direct shows off graphical touches, film references, and the basic survival loop of the game

You may not have noticed this, but the new Dune movie is out! The second one, even, which means it's two more movies than...

Funcom’s Dune Awakening MMO is finally promising trailers and hype as Dune 2 hits theaters

Throughout the length of the Dune MMORPG's development, it's seemed weird that Funcom and Tencent didn't push harder to link the game more directly...

Dune Awakening’s February playtest will apparently be the largest Funcom has ever run

"Many of you have been asking about betas for Dune Awakening," Funcom's latest video about the survival MMO says. So surely that means it's...

World of Tanks series unveils plans for Dune Part Two cross-promotion events and items

Wargaming and Legendary Pictures have come together, given each other a high-five (probably with stacks of money in their palms), and decided that the...

Dune Awakening’s latest video snippet is all about playing both solo and with friends

Who here would like another vertically oriented video snippet out of Dune: Awakening? If you raised your hand, then you're probably reading this on...

The Daily Grind: Do you even want an MMO with transmedia synergy?

We've been talking about transmedia synergy again thanks to Dune Awakening, so I want to go at it from a new angle. The term...

Funcom teases Dune Awakening’s player-constructed bases in latest video

Base builders, the latest mini video about survival MMO Dune Awakening from Funcom is for you, as it's all about construction in the still-undated...

Funcom’s Dune Awakening outlines desert survival tips for your impending trip to Arrakis

Funcom is back with another exceptionally brief teaser video for its survival MMORPG Dune Awakening today. No, there's no launch window here; it's really...

Dune Awakening’s latest promo video shows Funcom’s lean toward transmedia synergy

If you spent all last year waiting for Dune Awakening news, well, you're probably pretty hungry, as we got only a few scraps of...