Dune Awakening’s latest video snippet is all about playing both solo and with friends


Who here would like another vertically oriented video snippet out of Dune: Awakening? If you raised your hand, then you’re probably reading this on mobile (in which case, hello) or you’re not bothered by seeing a thin video on your PC desktop. Or you just want to see the latest short talk about solo play and multiplayer.

Since the video is a short, it obviously doesn’t really provide a whole lot of granular detail. What it does show is how playing either by yourself or with friends can provide different experiences: The former is primarily about exploring the world and finding points of interest, while the latter lets players use their unique abilities to synergize and strategize like a Mentat revealing enemy locations to highlight targets.

As with the multiple clips shared before it, the video below should probably be taken as another stir of the game’s hype pot ahead of whenever its next closed beta test begins. At least now fans know for sure that they can play solo or in a group.

source: YouTube
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