Dungeons & Dragons Online is giving away archetypes, mounts, and more for the Year of the Dragon


Dungeons & Dragons Online teased its Year of the Dragon promotion last weekend, but now it’s here: The D&D MMORPG will be following along in its Daybreak cousins’ footsteps offering a full-year celebration for the Year of the Dragon with monthly promotions. Hey, at least dragon is in its name.

“In celebration of Dungeons and Dragons’ 50th anniversary, DDO is launching the Year of the Dragon, featuring a monthly giveaway of FREE dragon-themed gifts!” Standing Stone says. “[S]tarting on the last Wednesday of every month, new drops will be released and will remain available to redeem for free only until the next offering debuts. These aren’t just any gifts — they’re a treasure trove of select in-game items, special cosmetics, and spectacular surprises that promise to add a ‘draconic’ edge to your DDO experience.”

The first freebie lands on February 28th; it’s the Dragon Lord archetype, followed by another freebie every month, from outfits and mounts to minipets and even an adventure pack in March. Can’t argue with free, friendos.

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