Black Desert’s 2024 Heidel Ball takes over a real-world castle in France on June 22

The Heidel Ball presentation event has always been a big deal for Black Desert, and the 2024 edition of the affair is doing things...

World of Warships is giving away ships and account time to new players to commemorate D-Day- here’s the code

In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the decisive D-Day invasion, World of Warships has dropped a code granting loot bundles specifically aimed at...

Enter to win a Star Trek Online Cross Faction Heavy Strike Wing Escort Bundle in our Unparalleled giveaway

In celebration of Star Trek Online's PC launch of Season 32: Unparalleled, Cryptic has kindly granted us gift codes to raffle to our readers!...
Create and destroy alike!

EG7 Q1 2024: Daybreak still mum on PlanetSide 2, new H1Z1 game hires lead designer

It's not even been two weeks since Daybreak owner EG7 published its 2023 annual financial report, which of course omitted everything relevant that happened...

New World frustrates players with bleeped-out video on its secret June reveal

The long wait for New World's big news continues as Summer Game Fest is now 25 days and change away, which means this week's...

Enter to win a copy of the newly launched V Rising on Steam courtesy of Stunlock

With the full launch of V Rising and its 1.0 update today, Stunlock Studios has kindly granted MassivelyOP a stack of game keys to...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 468: Give ’em Helldivers 2

Justin and Bree discuss SWTOR's update 7.5, Daybreak's headcount, the Helldivers 2 fiasco, and freebies from Elder Scrolls Online and DDO, with adventures in SWG Legends and LOTRO, plus mailbag topics on why we haven't had a new blockbuster MMORPG in a while and whether MMOs will return to an era of experimentation.

Star Wars Galaxies Legends celebrates May the Fourth with boosts, Ugnaughts, and a Prima guide giveaway

In case the internet has somehow not already baked this into your brain, tomorrow is May the Fourth and Sunday is Revenge of the...

Dungeons and Dragons Online is granting you the free expansion of your choice for the Year of the Dragon

This is too good for a long lead-up, so we'll cut to the chase: Dungeons and Dragons Online is giving all players an expansion...

Elder Scrolls Online returns to the Netherlands for the Elfia fantasy fair later this month

Elder Scrolls Online has gone all out for its 10th anniversary with a year-long celebration touring multiple countries and continents in its quest to...

The MOP Up: Guild Wars 2 and FFXIV boost their soundtracks

Where are my MMO soundtrack lovers today? Guild Wars 2 announced that it's going to be selling a vinyl edition of its Secrets of...

Almost five years after killing Player Studio, Daybreak wants to revive a Creator Program

It's weird enough to see a Daybreak press release in my inbox, but this one threw me for a loop as it's for a...

Tamriel Infinium: Elder Scrolls Online celebrates its 10th anniversary in Orc-land

I have to give some serious credit to ZeniMax: This studio isn't letting Elder Scrolls Online's 10th anniversary go by with nothing more than...

RIFT hosts a server load test party this evening with free level-ups

Have we said how utterly bizarre it is to see RIFT pop up in our feeds this much recently? Not that we're complaining, mind...

Working As Intended: 10 more City of Heroes Homecoming base builds you need to see

Back in February, I revived Working As Intended to run a flurry of City of Heroes articles on the heels of Homecoming's formal license,...

Here’s how Elder Scrolls Online is compensating players for the Orsinium DLC freebie bug

Elder Scrolls Online's big Orsinium DLC giveaway this past week hasn't gone off as smoothly as ZeniMax Online Studios hoped. The original plan was...

City of Heroes fans celebrate new players with a Halloween haunted house and giveaways

If you've been enjoying our articles on City of Heroes' sprawling base-building systems, then you're in for a treat... or possibly a trick... thanks...

Working As Intended: 10 City of Heroes Homecoming base builds you need to see

This winter, I've been obsessed with City of Heroes Homecoming's supergroup base builds, which as we've previously discussed here in Working As Intended are...

World of Warcraft fans can snag a free Fiery Hearthsteed mount in March when Hearthstone turns 10

Pop quiz, hotshots: How old would you say Hearthstone is? If you said 10, well, you probably cheated because it's right there in the...

Dungeons & Dragons Online is giving away archetypes, mounts, and more for the Year of the Dragon

Dungeons & Dragons Online teased its Year of the Dragon promotion last weekend, but now it's here: The D&D MMORPG will be following along...