Star Wars Galaxies Legends celebrates May the Fourth with boosts, Ugnaughts, and a Prima guide giveaway


In case the internet has somehow not already baked this into your brain, tomorrow is May the Fourth and Sunday is Revenge of the Fifth, and that means you’re going to put on your Star Wars shirt and do nothing but Star Wars. Actually, that doesn’t sound half bad.

And naturally this means that the Star Wars MMOs are getting in on the action; yesterday we covered Star Wars The Old Republic’s festivities, and now today we’re covering the biggest Star Wars Galaxies rogue server’s plans.

SWG Legends is handing out the 9000 Z001 Landspeeder ITV, running a “double everything” event (“This is getting out of hand! Now there are two of EVERYTHING! [E]arn double XP, double tokens, double gas, double comms, double GCW, double… everything!”), giving away a set of the original Prima strategy guides and poster, and kicking off a Cloud City junk loot extravaganza.

“Starting on May 4th, take a trip to the beautiful Cloud City to help continue the celebrations! As it turns out, some of the city’s workers are not taking the time to enjoy this momentous occasion! Try to find some grumpy Ugnaughts wandering around Cloud City and see if you can get them in a gaming mood! (Something like /tickle might work?). But be careful! Some of these grumpy guys just want to work all day! Instead of turning their frown upside down, they may turn their blasters on you instead! But if you are lucky enough to cheer them up first, you might get a small reward from them. (You can successfully claim rewards from ugnaughts up to 5 times per character before they keep knocking you out! There is no daily reset!) While in Cloud City, be on the look out for special containers that have been left unattended. How strange, right? Give them a search and see if one man’s junk is your treasure (of junk). Stock up on as much as you can!”

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